18 hours in Vegas


Need some assistance with some quick Vegas wins. I only have 18 hours and want to maximize my gluttony.

I’ll be coming in ~3pm on Wednesday, leaving around 2pm on Thursday.

My plan on the way out is to hit up Flock & Fowl for lunch + some to-go portions. My late night meal will hopefully be Oyster Bar @ Palace Station.

That leaves an opening for a late lunch/early dinner on Wednesday, as well as a light snack before Oyster Bar. I MIGHT be able to fit in breakfast/brunch on Thursday AM too, for something really good. Any suggestions? Proximity to Hard Rock Hotel OR Palace Station would be a plus. Since I’m a solo diner no Lotus of Siam, and Raku is out since we have one in LA.


Caesar salad, pasta and meatballs at the carbone bar


love the Aria, got married there but passed on Carbone at the time. Maybe, just maybe…

What did that simple meal cost you? $100? I’m lol’ing but I’m also reasonably certain I’m not too far off.


jamon iberico de bellota, pan de cristal con tomate, croquetas de pollo at jaleo


Off-topic but why can’t more places do a wonderful Caesar? And that looks beyond wonderful.


I’m not sure if I can get there by 11pm - I have a concert @ Hard Rock on Wed Night.


$99 out the door.


Carbone is one of the best restaurants in Vegas these days. They consistently dish out well executed dishes with very high ingredient standards.

The Caesar is rich as fuck, it is insanely rich for two people, but you have to order it. The smack you in the face intensity of the garlic and the insanely delicious croutons are enough of a reason to order it. It is the one dish I order every visit.

Meatballs are what meatballs should be, but the sauce they make for it is really good.

Also, the Vongole is awesome, by far my favorite pasta they offer. It is spicy as fuck, they use some thinly sliced green chiles to give it that extra hit.

Also to note, if YOLOing SOLO, get the lobster fra’diavolo.

If you don’t want to spend much, get Caesar and Vongole, and feast on their amazing bread basket. Make little sandwiches with the spicy salami they give you. It is served slightly above room temp so the salami is nice and soft and the fat just starting to melt away before it hits your palette.


If you like pancakes, go to EAT in downtown LV. Get some eggs or bacon/sausage with it. Avoid the other items they have, they are just so-so.


Cost not really a concern but I am going solo with no ability for leftovers and heading to a show right after (i.e. There will be alcohol)

I can eat a lot but I ain’t no PorkyBelly


Carbone before the show.

Secret Pizza and Milk Bar (confetti cake shake) after the show.


I love secret pizza at 2am on Friday/Saturday night. Best people watching in the city.



Get the seafood nacho fries aka “Surf N Turf”


Esther’s Kitchen (new in the Arts District) is really good, reasonably priced, Italian. We started with a cheese and charcuterie appetizer that would make a whole lunch on an ordinary day.


What else is good in Vegas on a Wednesday night between 11p and 2a? Need some backup options…

is Raku LV really open until 3a?!?!


Pork and shrimp buns and fried chicken sandwich at momofuku


Ping Pang Pong

  • salt and pepper pork chop
  • sausage duck clay pot
  • gobo beef
  • squab


  • shrimp bun
  • slice of confetti cake
  • dry aged NY

Not Toto


Looks like my options depend on dining time: 11-12 Momofuku, 12-3 Raku, 3+ oyster bar

I might be too early for Carbone. Need a 4p solo dinner…


I had this today sole katsu saam today at Momofuku, it was pretty damn good. Came with some garlic flavored rice underneath and some kimchee. I believe they are open at 4pm. Pretty good portion.


how long are you in LV for?