18 hours in Vegas


Leaving Wednesday morning.


Ah damn. Ill be arriving shortly after you leave then!


good news y’all, I just found 3 additional hours of time so the 5p reservations are back in play. Looks like Carbone or Momofuku (or both) are in my future.


sounds like a carbone-momofuku bang-bang is in order


While eating at the Momofuku bar yesterday the bartender made a mention of how great Carbone was. I think I should’ve done the walk over to Aria. Oh well.


I’m not yucking anyone’s yum but, for the life of me, in cities like NYC and LV, how Carbone appeals is simply beyond me.


Good food is good food.


Carbone is expensive, at least the one in LV is.
Edit: nevermind, you’re not a Momofuku. Are you still at Palace Station?


Allow me to edit. I haven’t been to LV in probably 15 years so I’ll leave that out. So I’ll just comment on NYC. With the breadth and depth of food there - at all prices - I can’t imagine wanting to actually seek out that kind of food. Italian American is just very ho-hum to me. And Carbone is far from cheap, right? A sincere humble opinion.


$64 for Veal Parmigiana, it’s $50 in NYC.


LOL!!! That was great and thanks for sharing.


As usual, ate a lot but not as much as I would have liked. Due to convenience, this is basically a review of a portion of Cosmopolitan’s dining options.

Del Taco - Barstow - the “Barstow Taco” is basically a big del taco with a single slice of tomato on top. Tasty enough for a fast food item - $1.69 each. Everything is bigger and more expensive than its normal Del Taco counterpart, but it does taste good. I got another one on my return home.

Momofuku - been to the noodle bar in NYC, but had the fried chicken there. Started with an Old Fashioned - great. Got half a dozen oysters. Came with this delicious ramp/trout Roe mignonette. Ordered the spicy cucumbers and potatoes/wagyu. The cucumbers were tasty enough if you like those Chinese cold cucumbers, but the potatoes/wagyu were not what I expect. Imagine super crispy fried potatoes/garlic/almond layered with thin slices of raw wagyu. I don’t really know what to describe the eating experience as…I can only say it was tasty enough but very salty. Needed a beer to cut it - people with an aversion to salt should avoid. Also had a shrimp bun - fine. No Katsu bun on the menu. 4 dishes and 2 drinks was something like $140. QPR questionable. May need wiser ordering to improve ratio.

Secret Pizza - $6.25 all in for a slice of pepperoni/mushroom now. A fine NY slice, and open super late. Their Sicilian is terrible though.

Jaleo - the lunch deal is crazy - 3 courses for $25 add paella for $7. I learned today I don’t like gazpacho, or at least not their style gazpacho. Scallop was great and hanger steak cooked perfect. No soccarat to speak of on the paella, but I was one of the first parties seated so maybe that didn’t help. But still, less than $35 for all that is crazy.

Milk Bar - 3 cookies and bday truffles. TBD

I love the Cosmopolitan hotel - sorry Aria, you’ve been dethroned.


Thanks for great descriptions and including prices. Sometimes my opinion is definitely effected by the cost.


Too bad you couldn’t make it to carbone, with all the “free” items you get (bread basket, cheese, charcuterie, pickles, dessert, and limoncello) the qpr is higher than you would think. And that damn caesar salad and meatballs are the best I’ve ever had.


Speaking of “free” I’ve not been able to find prices except in reviews. ??? For instance, the Caesar looks great but how much is it? Meatballs? We have a wonderful place in Reno with a glorious chef/owner and his meatballs are $7.


Guess I’ll need an excuse to come back. Maybe on a weekend so I can try F&F lol. Another poster noted they scrubbed the one that closed from their website entirely.


Caesar fuckin salad :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So true. The cheese salumi and bread basket are excellent. The limoncello is very strong. I think the spicy rigatoni vodka is a must order as well. The appropriate portion is 1 order per every 2 people.

Carbone is not expensive for Vegas. The prices are pretty much on par with Piero’s. $25 to $35 for a pasta dish. Some dishes are more some are less.

My last meal there with 4 people ended up being less than $125 per person which included a $130 bottle of wine and a few drinks. 4 people can split the ceaser, meatballs, 2 orders of rigatoni and 1 entree. That is plenty of food.


I feel like I made a terrible choice for dinner now.

Must be a man thing - a true gentleman can always appreciate a tasty meatball in his mouth.


Whoa! You get those items for “free?” I’ve only got a limited time in town. I may need to sneak this one into the schedule when I go in a couple of weeks.