2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area by hi


SWEDEN FIELD REPORT #2: This is a double dose of two venues. I started the game at Gravlax bar. As the last time there I didn’t get to eat or sit, this time I arrived in advance, and with an empty stomach. Guess what? Virtually no food being served this time! All they had to offer was a warm brown bagel w/ creamcheese, slice of tomato and a mound of gravlax (raw salmon, which I’m not into). That, plus a cup of carcino-bag tea, ran me $16 altogether. Oh yeah, I wanted a 7-Up instead, but the bar matron said they don’t have 7-Up (nor Sprite, either). Mind you, this is a FULL BAR. That doesn’t have good old 7-Up/Sprite?? Byyyyyyyye…

After intermission, wonderful Olson’s Scandinavian Deli was next, with 65 viking-descendants filling up the place. All seating was taken, and some folks were standing against the walls. England was ahead 1-0 and the crowd was rather subdued. England then scored another goal, and it fell from subdued to pallor. I didn’t eat because I was saving my appetite for the next game/venue (although, ref. Iceland field report above for meal review from the same venue), but I noticed the attendees were having Olson’s lovely sandwiches. They were also clutching espresso drinks, and a few were swigging an import beer (didn’t get the name) out of its green bottles.

It was looking like Sweden was going to lose (they did), so I took-off before the boom came down as it is so unbearably difficult to watch the losing side’s agonized faces.

Lastly, the cheery Swedish ladies who operate Olson’s worked very hard during the World Cup, and I was happy for them that they had the opportunity to make some (hopefully) good bucks from the event and turn some new patrons on to their unique establishment.


ENGLAND UPDATE: I was driving up Highland Ave. in Hollywood to the next game/venue (Russia) after exiting Olson’s Scandinavian Deli, when I realized the Brit venue The Cat & Fiddle was right there. I parked, hopped out and stuck my head in just to take a look. Both indoor and outdoor rooms were packed, and very, very loud with happy expats and Anglophile victors. In addition to its regular TVs, 1-2 more were set up for the occasion. Extra staff was on hand to handle the throng. I estimate the crowd was about 120 persons. It appeared a variety of food had been served. England’s going on to the next stage (and might take the whole thing!!), so if you come to view here, get a reservation if they’re taking them and if not, arrive 3 hours in advance. Yes, 3.


Traktir didn’t have the green borsch, their menu wasn’t all that interesting and their service was abominable. It was an awful experience. More on that later. I have no particular desire to ever set foot at Traktir again. Wherever you were instead for today’s Russia game was a big step up! :grimacing:


@Cousteau You are so OG for traversing the greater LA/OC area for these World Cup matches. That RUS/CRO was so freaking exciting…we delayed going to a BBQ until the match was over. We had to bring the hosts extra liquor as an apology. I am trying to work from home Tuesday to watch the semi-final at home.
LA Brisket is a super friendly operation. They allow me to low-carb my bowls with their delicious red cabbage slaw. I prefer the pulled pork to the brisket.


Humble thanx, Attran, but I don’t know what “OG” means. :stuck_out_tongue:

A bbq, on a hundred-degree day?

Yes, do what you need to do to watch the semi-final, or you’ll be kicking yourself!! :rofl:


OG in the OC


Yes, a BBQ planned for the hottest weekend of the year. I can’t say that all of my friends are smart.


We go Ćevapi take-out from Cafe LuMar and enjoyed Croatia’s victory over Russia.


To celebrate England’s victory I had a lot of IPA from Monkish. My money is on the winner of the France Belgium game.


France was my pick at the start but Belgium has been more dominant up to this point.
There’s a lot to love about all the remaining teams.


SUN. JULY 8 UPDATE: There are now only 4 teams remaining: Belgium, Croatia, England and France. View-dine opportunities are down to this Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday a week from today. England has the most venues throughout LA/OC; more that I did not list here, such as the great Ye Olde Ship in Fullerton. At this stage in the event, I emphasize to arrive at these places THREE hours in advance of kickoff. Order your food right away and establish your table/seat. Early-order your 2nd round of beverages, too. It’s so much fun!


PM me if you want the recipe. It’s very basic, but I love a simple caldo verde.


Perhaps you could post it on Home Cooking!


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like i said lol. armenian ran russian places are the only ones to go to such as Robert’s on la brea



I actually did vet Robert’s Russian Cuisine in early June when compiling/drafting my original post. They told me they would not be having any World Cup screenings or events; and that they did not even have any TVs. It’s puzzling to me why they’d want to bail on such a good, and rare, opportunity; but, whatever, it’s their decision. :confused:


It’s not in our culture that’s all. Men get together at beer halls to watch events or at home. Not at restaurants. I can’t think of 1 russian / armenian place i’ve been to (been to all of course) that has tv on with anything other than armenian music video


RUSSIA FIELD REPORT: Traktir Restaurant was a terrible experience I will never subject myself to again. Two days prior to the game, I made a reservation via phone. It was taken by what sounded like a middle-aged woman, with thick accent. When I arrived, 5 minutes before kickoff, there was no podium or host/hostess; nothing organized; so I just went in and took a small table. There were plenty open. I sat at the very first table just behind the counter area in the back that houses the booze and from where the servers go back & forth fetching orders.

The game started, and other customers began to come in; it got fairly full, but never a sellout. Anyway, the 2-3 servers kept walking past me – ignoring me. I saw they started to serve other people who arrived after me. Something was very wrong. Instead of beckoning a server, I decided to just “leave it alone” and see how long Traktir’s (mis)treatment of me would go on. All the while, the staff kept waltzing back & forth a bazillion times right past me, as my table was directly adjacent to their order pick-up area.

Finally, after THIRTY-FIVE minutes (!), a server stops at my table.

I practically exploded at him. “I have been waiting here since 5 minutes before the game; yet you ignore me! You have waited on everybody else, who all got here after me!”

Little mister young server, instead of seeing the mistake and apologizing/making good, instead snapped, “You do not have a reservation. The other people do, and they are a priority.”

“Yes I DO. I made it with a lady TWO DAYS AGO.”

He ran behind the counter area, to allegedly check a reservation book. He came back claiming (lying?) that no reservation from me was in there.

I retorted, “Even if it messed up and did not get put in your log, I still should have been served. I have been sitting here right in front of you SINCE BEFORE THE GAME. There are still empty tables. There is no excuse for not serving me. After 35 minutes, no one here has even brought me a water, on a HUNDRED DEGREE DAY!!!”

He then tried to get me to order/buy an alcoholic drink – as if that would get me to, uh, simmer down. I did not order any booze nor buy into that.

He kept bickering back at me a little more, not being a man about it and taking accountability; then finally began to back down, saying, “I am sorry. I am really sorry.” A glass of ice water was finally brought to me; and a little basket of table bread, which I did not touch. While he whisked off, another server clipped up to me and practically whacked a menu down on my table; with no greeting, no eye contact, no nothing; she just plopped it down, and stomped off.

I had enthusiastically come intending to order borsch(t), dumplings, and maybe a stroganoff; spend some serious money. Not to mention, after having given a great big free plug to their restaurant all over the internet. Instead, all I ordered was a red borscht (they said they didn’t have the seasonal green kind), and did so really just to be able to fulfill this blog. By this time the 2nd half of the game had begun. I wolfed down the borscht. It was decent; a broth of flavorful beet with a couple chunks of potato, about a tablespoonful of beef shreds, and dollop of sour cream on top. Nothing that you can’t do as well at home. I cashed out the $8.70, wrote “SHAME ON YOU!” in big screaming letters on the bill, left no tip, and got the hell out.

On the way out I entered their deli area, which is in its own room, looking for the lady who took my reservation and/or a manager to gripe to. A nice gal claiming to be the co-owner manifested, and heard me out. She appeared genuinely concerned, and sorry for my bad experience. She reached into the deli’s refrigerator, and pulled out a hand-held size plastic bottle of Arrowhead Water as a make-good. Wow, my lucky day. As I left Traktir forever, never to return to this pathetic, awful establishment again, and agitatedly strode the Havenhurst Drive sidewalk to my car, a jogger in the middle of the street apparently spotted the Arrowhead and called out to me, “Hey! Please pour some of your water on my head.”

I tossed the entire unopened bottle to him and said, “Here, pour it on your own head”. I got in my car and took off. I guess the bottle of water was a cosmic gift of synchronicity for him. It was the only good thing to come out of Traktir Restaurant.


I’m cracking up. There’s a reason I never never never send non Russians to any of our places. If you don’t come with us and are a part of the table this is commonplace. Just like many cultures the restaurants are just not made for you and you’ll get ignored or worse. It’s a stupid business practice but they don’t care to broaden from their target demo of people from over there. If I was at your table we’d have been properly taken care of. Their food being bleh is why we don’t go there.

I’ve made it my life’s work to eat at every kind of ethnic restaurant in LA and learned very early on some 15 years ago when going to Koreatown that people can just not give a shit about you being there. So I started to be not rude but very forceful and demanding in those situation. I make damn sure they see what I need, when I need it. It doesn’t happen much anymore, except for Soot Bull Jeep recently, I wasn’t treated like the korean food pro that i am and was powerless because we were a desperate large party (done with them for food reasons though service pissed me off, as a rule i try not to base any non western restaurant opinion on service) . I can only imagine what would happen if you go to the Armenian places my family and relatives have their events at, they range from casual to banquet style and I’m pretty sure you’d be in shock with the service at most… because they think your satisfaction is of no consequence. There’s also the old culture of shit service in general back home, but it’s much better for the people within culture because we can tear their ass up.

p.s. Fuck Arrowhead water (Nestle)