2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area by hi


Yes Traktir’s menu looks bleh; and that ignoring a different-ethnicity customer is a “stupid business practice” is dang right. Thanks for spelling it out.


And to be fair, you should calibrate your expectations when going to places like this. . Cultural norms are very different.


Nemroz, I think that’s an excellent point and perhaps ‘worthy’ of its own thread. Even within a certain cuisines one must “calibrate.” Just a thought.


wooooooooooooooow… i stand to win some $300 in my Russian homies pool if France wins 1 more… viva les bleus!


I have been going to ethnic eateries & venues for 30+ years. I am hep to the “calibration” you describe, and have much experience in allowing for it. Traktir, however, was out of even those bounds. This is not exactly a dank diner in the armpit of Glendale along San Fernando Road. It is a stained glass-decorated, al fresco, sit-down place in a high-rent, fru-fru part of WeHo, right along Cre$cent Height$. A higher standard is to be expected from such a place. But they intentionally took over half an hour to provide a paying customer an initial glass of icewater in a hot open-air environ, on a HUNDRED DEGREE DAY. This fails a basic humanitarian aspect. I stand by my field report 100%, and do not give them a pass.


FRANCE FIELD REPORT #2: I was the first person in the door at La Poubelle, knowing from the previous Cup how packed it would get. I immediately grabbed the best seat in the house. Soon thereafter fanatics began to stream in, about 80 persons altogether, which was tres full. Poubelle is not a big place. All their chattering made it really loud in there. It became apparent by their cheers that some patrons were there for France, others for Belgium. Today L.A. had not only a heat factor but also a muggy humidity factor. Unfortunately, there was no perceivable A/C running at Poubelle. Not too comfy in such a full-house situation. Between the noise and the heat, I knew I’d intend to exit at halftime. But first, I had to eat, bien sur! Their menu was a special one for the Cup, focusing on brunchy items. To drink, I had an OJ + refill. It was sweet and good. I got the croque monsieur, which was to come with a side green salad, plus an order each of brekkie potatoes and bacon. The sandwich must’ve added 4 pounds to me (Lol). On slices of inch-thick brioche, with bechamel, ham and melted Swiss inside, it had extra Swiss on top. Bacon was 4 long strips, done just right. Spuds were OK and were the skin-on cubed/seasoned/roasted type. Salad was missing; I had to ask for it once or twice. I was fixin to close out when the server finally brought the salade. I told him it was too late, I didn’t want it at that point and to take it off the bill, but he said he couldn’t work that. I asked for a to-go box for it, but never got that. The server was swamped. So I tried a couple salad bites; it was all just bite-size lettuce, one type, having no other items in the mix; dressed with a good simple French vinaigrette. I wound up leaving it. I started my order with the bartender then shifted to the server guy as it was so hard to get through to any staff in there. They were all polite, though. A big capacity World Cup crowd is no piece of cake to work. When I got the bill, I saw I wasn’t charged for some things. Maybe that was a make-good as they messed up my salad. So I got at least $10 off, which I am grateful for. I felt a little queasy, and did leave at intermission. France went on to win.


Was there for the FRA-BEL game.

Good Belgian fries (as well as good aioli to go with them), fish and chips are underrated, and to top it off? It’s Tuesday – make that $3 Taco Tuesday!


You mean – somebody actually went to a food venue corresponding to the ethnic aspect of the team/country, to dine and watch the game? The main purpose of this entire post? Ipsedixit, I love you!! :heart_eyes:


I hate LA . But this is the best thing about it . The food. And enthusiasm.


I don’t plan on still residing here by the time the next World Cup rolls around, year 2022. I doubt I would be able to find a multi food/cultural experience, that corresponds to the diversity of the World Cup, wherever I future move to, nor maybe anywhere else on the globe. And the food can be amazing. That’s part of the reason I’m being sure to do this L.A. World Cup experience this year, while I can. And share it here on this site, too. xo


I love Santa Cruz and other parts north. But WTF is the deal with 50 degree summer nights? Makes my bones ache.


Not anymore for me. It’s the fog . Now I have the fan blowing on me at night with 70 degrees in mt Shasta. Lol. I love it . Waking up to clear blue skies in the mountains :national_park:


Off-topic, Em, but what’s the smoke like? We’re in Seattle and 5 got closed after we came through last Friday. Scary stuff.


Please someone explain to me why a restauranteur would ever name their restaurant “The Trash Can” ?


I don’t know the official reason, but the place’s founding owner, a French woman named Jacqueline, was known to be publicly rude, harsh and obnoxious. (I unfortunately caught some of that from her once or twice.). Possibly the business’ name was an extension of her personality.

She opened in 1969, and sold it about 10 years ago. The new/current ownership kept the name. The obnoxious trashcan lady is still around and is featured on their website. Enchante!


Yes. All of those things are true. And the your conclusion is same as mine to not go there (though mine isn’t due to service). My point is just that they don’t care about you being there, not being there, your reaction and outrage, your online activity or the vice versa. It may just be a front for all we know. Or Russians being Russians at you.

go Engerland


Maybe they were trying to be Chinese.


Simmzy’s Burbank - 2 seats left at the bar at 12:15. Lots of tables. Full bar, decent beer selection and food.

I feel so British today - watching ENG football and having a beer during work lunch.


Having a pint sound like a capital idea, mate.


my favorite part of Chinese service is how the come and check your tip while you’re still there… i always giggle