2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area by hi


The homies usually only tip about 10%. (And that’s when they’re feeling generous.)


I used to know someone who would tip ONE DOLLAR for dim sum :frowning:


My parents (while more Vietnamese than Chinese) agree on the 10%.


I’ve convinced my parents to move to a 15% model but very reluctantly.

Back to the thread. Very sad to see England lose only because it would have made for a much more compelling final. I’ll be watching the game from Palm Springs but imagine Sunday at the local pubs around SoCal would have been a good time.


ENGLAND FIELD REPORT #3: Lucky Baldwin’s in Old Pasadena continues its reign as having the best fish & chips of L.A.'s Britpubs. The fish is a thick portion of cod, cooked in a not-too-thick batter which bends and is flexible (unlike the current “extra crispy” rage), and even manages to not be greasy. The fries are skinless, large and long; nicely salted. Served with a homemade tartar and a surprise little knob of slaw, it’s all “jolly good”. A side of mash was excellent, having a strong buttery flavor at first forkful. No sign of pepper in the mix, unless it was the white kind. Also ordered what was billed as the “Traditional English Full Breakfast” – scrambled eggs (fine), a banger (smallish but really tasty), Irish bacon (one 3" x 3" slice, nice 'n porky), spuds (skin-on red, cubed, seasoned/broasted), 'shrooms (a little wad of thin sliced, sauteed dark ones), a slice of griddled tomato seasoned with salt and oregano (I like this better than a raw slice), 1 piece sourdough toast, and about a third of a cup of English Heinz baked beans (i.e. the kind in the tomatoey sauce) slopping into everything. Quite a combo, and all on one plate. I washed things down with a Blackthorn cider, and a couple 7-Ups. As the sodas were brought out in cans, it was not a free-refill situation. Prices were reasonable; the whole thing plus tip came to $50.

Lucky Baldwin’s official capacity is 218, but they probably let in more people today than that. It is when a British focus such as a big England soccer game that brings in a lot of patrons, that this place is in its Brit element. Frankly most of the time it isn’t; I’ve been here many times on random occasions, and the crowd is mostly Americans, under 50; a lot of Pasadena college kiddies, etc. I sat out on the patio, thinking it would be a quick escape if needed. But it was actually roasting out there. I even checked the overhead heaters to see if they were accidentally on and pumping heat; apparently they weren’t, but the indoors, with its A/C, was cooler than the outdoors. There were plenty of TVs and everyone could see. A bunch of male expats out on the patio sang, sang and sang, as if they were in the stands back in Arsenal. Service was fabulous; Lucky’s knew they were in for a packed house, and had the staff on hand to cover it. Some of the other venues I’ve been to for this World Cup could take a lesson from Lucky Baldwin’s in good service & management. My own server was par excellence, and I tipped her as such.

Everyone there, including me, wanted England to win. It would have been beautiful, but it did not happen. But, they go on to duke it out for 3rd place w/ Belgium on Saturday. Sigh, and cheerio.


That was such a great match! I caught the last of it in my office’s kitchen.
The scrappiness of the Croatian team is fantastic. The last two matches of this tournament will be knock down drag out.


Nah, dawg. England was only compelling on corners. Didn’t offer much else. That’s what you get for fielding a team full of Spurs players! Croatia will put up a fight. But on Sunday…



Listen to Mick Jagger . England lost .


Bang on. Spurs only know how to almost win and whole Croatia has 4 players on world’s best clubs, England fielded 4 Tottenhamers who don’t know what to do without Ericksen. Croatia is tough and patient and played strong. The only good thing I can say about Tottenham is Modric


Arsenal much? :smiley:


Very much


ENGLAND FIELD REPORT #4: I actually had to go to the Fox & Hounds Pub twice re this game; once, two days ago, to buy a $5 ticket for admission; then again today, to watch the thing. The advance tix were not sold online or over the phone; the only way was for the patron to physically go there and flog their cash in person. Such things I do to fulfill this blog, wouldn’t do normally…

I’ve been there a few times to see live bands, always at night. But I’d never been there before in the morning, nor to dine. There’s a heavy emphasis on sports there, with about a half-dozen TVs around the bar area plus a large movie screen in the band room. The menu, for being a limited “morning” menu, had quite a few choices and variety on it, spanning from egg breakfast combos to burgers, sandwiches, barstyle appetizers, and fish & chips. I started with an OJ, served on ice; then an appetizer order of bangers. It was 3 griddled midsize sausages, brought out promptly; tasty though just a trifle underheated (but I’m not complaining). Next was a Britstyle chicken/mushroom pie, heated perfectly and with a side choice of superb mashed potatoes. Service was dandy, and adequate staff was on hand for the crowd. 50-60 persons were there, which filled the pub just to the max without anyone’s having to stand. That worked out nicely. Patrons kept their convos at a reasonably low level, and watched the game intently.

When Belgium (who won the game) scored the first goal, I was surprised at the amount of cheers that went up amongst the venue’s crowd, being a Britpub. I thought everyone there would be for England. Silly me.

Re Belgium, it must’ve been a happy day for Brussels Bistro and the Little Bear and their patrons. Dunno about La Poubelle; they were closed. I guess they didn’t want to pander to their minority Belgian element.


Anyone know of anything about Croatian wine/beer?

The fate of my fantasy team’s glory rests on the Croatian’s shoulders, and I’m hoping to find a magic elixer to cheer em on with.


If you really want to hit it hard, try slivovitz.


I observed a particular one and mentioned it in both my Croatia field reports…scroll up… :wink:


Abandoned the hunt for croatian booze october and opted for a bake. Found a recipe for zlevanka - a dessert cornbread.

Recipe: http://oneperfectbite.blogspot.com/2014/09/zlevanka-dessert-cornbread-from-croatia.html?m=1

Zlevanka don’t fail me now.


Epicurus Gourmet supplied all of my World Cup final needs.

Epoisses, Cypress Grove Purple Haze, Goat Cheese with Truffles
Chorizo, Salami with mushrooms, Salami, Prosciutto
Goose mousse pate, Foie gras
Allez les bleus!


Vive la France, everybody.


S You had me at eppoises and:

Nice spread!!


It was easier to snack and watch the match in the comfort of my own PJs than put real clothes on. Sorry, @Cousteau, I was too lazy to go out.