2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area by hi


You bet they love their soccer! xo. Maybe they’ll win it all this time. Xlnt team.

Great to get the munchies you mentioned from an “autentico” place. Argentine cuisine has such a lovely incorporation of Italian and Spanish elements. Big yum! :smiley:


Thank you Jeet but I do take offense, not from comments going off-topic per se, but from wrongly and ignorantly being faceslapped as anti-immigrant. Is that what goes on here at FTC? I am brand new to this group, and accordingly wouldn’t know how the members talk.



It is wise to not jump in on and effectively bolster something ugly ignorantly being inflicted on another soul, without at least knowing and evaluating all the pertinent facts first.


@Nemroz, would you please deal with this?


Understood. This isn’t gangland, even less gang activity than in Koreatown. I searched for a stripclub and only see 1 around it, and not right by the restaurant. Doesn’t matter, if you’re not comfortable, fine, totally accept that. I wanted to mention that me and my family are entirely comfortable with Van Nuys. Not insinuating any racism either. And I completely appreciate the compilation also and already referred to it when 2 people asked where to watch for their teams.


Thank you for your newest reply; we’re OK. I know Van Nuys and have been patronizing restaurants (including the Mercado) and businesses there for 30 years. Different sections of Van Nuys vary in “cleanness”. My fave area is the airport.

I had been looking forward for A WEEK to watching the Portugal game at Natas this morning, and dining on its exquisite fare. This gnarly topic that suddenly reared its head (and instigated by others, not me) was going on all.during.the.game. and my meal, and virtually ruined all that for me. It also hurt Natas, as they lost selling me a full entree because the posts wiped away my appetite plus I was distracted typing responses into my smartphone.

Remember, y’all: words can hurt, and our actions have repercussions.


But what a game.
Great list by the way.


goat… no question… let’s see if the other contestant steps up to the challenge…


Thanks for taking the time to compile such a list and sharing it here.

This thread took an unfortunate turn. I’m sorry some of the brusque comments upset you, and I hope you continue to contribute.


…Whereas you have repeatedly spewed negativity ever since the post initially went up. Anything put up as a comment on a post appears for everyone to see; that is your choice. If you’d like to respond to Nemroz, or anyone, truly 1-on-1, you have the more accurate choice to do so off-board.

Your profile says you’re located in Tahoe. Are you intending to come 400 miles pronto here to Los Angeles to dine at restaurants while watching World Cup games? If not, please let us - all of us - know what fuels your interest in an LA-endemic post.


Thank u for the positive words, js76wisco, and glad to meet ya! I worked quite hard on the list, and it involved many drafts and edits etc.

What a game, indeed! Ronaldo’s talent is hard to surpass. What a player.

The game tied. Remember when American pro football and basketball games frequently tied? I miss that. :yum:


Chinchi, thou art a doll, and a positive one as well. xo The list did take a lot of time to do, with a lot of phonecalls, research, etc.

Yes, brusque comments have been flung at me. Almost unbelievable, and right off the bat in my membership too. Oy, what an initiation. However, I’ve gotten a BUNCH of supportive emails about it off-board. You and those kind folks just might convince me to stay. :slight_smile:


You all do know that they have another (nicer) location in Granada Hills, right?
It’s been there for a couple years already.

As for the Van Nuys one, I worked a few blocks away from it for years. As a female, I never had a problem going there. The only reason I avoided it was because of the limited parking. But the solution was that we’d call the office group order in, and then 2 people would go pick it up - 1 circled the block while the other ran in to get the food.


checked out Stocking Frame in dtla today to watch the Brazil-Switzerland game. nicely low key and not crowded; service was kinda slow and somewhat weird (some snarky comments about patrons muttered to other patrons, etc.), and cocktails were just OK. italian chopped salad and nachos were mostly a miss for us but I did like the neapolitan-style pizza, good char on the crust. would go back for more of the pizza and maybe just straight shots of liquor on the rocks, or beer (though they have a limited tap list).


UPDATE, END-OF-GAME-ONES: I advise y’all to prioritize attending view-dines for Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Korea, Nigeria, and Peru, as those teams all lost their first game and consequently are one step toward being eliminated. They each still have a minimum of 1-2 more games to play, but there’s a lot of turf to cover in terms of viewing/dining and the end of this first round comes up quick (June 28) .


We was there Saturday …


wow, smart move! How was it getting a table?


Any other suggestions on Iranian/Persian restaurants that are closer to mid-city? I looked at the spots that are closer to La Cienaga but none of those seem to have televisions. Trying to avoid going as far west as Westwood (let alone the Valley) but if that’s all there is, I get it.


What did you eat? I’m looking for someone to agree with me that the cheese/chorizo fundido isn’t good


you checked Shah Abbas?