2018 Soccer World Cup view-dine locations in the Los Angeles area by hi


Jelly that you can do this during work hours.


Hmmm. Maybe lamb brains, those are quite popular as a special breakfast dish, though they wouldn’t taste fishy. I don’t think Persian people eat fish for breakfast.

Feta and probably sangak bread. Usually served with jam, quince is the most popular.

That sounds like a very fun place!


I acknowledge I lucked out about that this Cup. Hopefully folks who are obligated to daytime work schedules will be able to check out the Cup on weekends, or whatever their days off are. :slight_smile:


We record a monstrous number of programs including sports. Not a perfect solution…


This post simultaneously brings me so much joy and so much envy.


Thank you Prez, and I understand, but: try to check out some Cup on your off-days. The live venue dining experience brings so much to it…even if you can go just once, go for it! :smiley:


Yea, definitely weekdays. I also record everything and watch later and when important teams play we watch at the office. This was yesterday


A game was on at Little Sister DTLA at the beginning of lunch yesterday.


Love those socks! Very Justin Trudeau.


ARGENTINA FIELD REPORT: At Buenos Aires Grill I started off with a fine sangria on ice, then got the “Argentinian chorizo” appetizer. It was a single sausage, thick but barely 4" long; nice density and snap, and tasted like an American pork breakfast sausage with a bit of sharp oregano added. For entree I got the lomo milanesa, which is a thin-pounded cut of beef that’s been breaded and fried. It was tender and the crumblike crust adhered well, but both the meat and breading were bland. However, I tend to think the particular cut of beef used is universally bland. Anyway, as Americans use gravy to flavor their chicken fried steak, I had the option of saucing the lomo with the complimentary chimichurri. It was a good one, and tasted as if made fresh that morning. The side was mashed potatoes, pretty standard. Service was terrible; the restaurant opted to not open till the 11am commencement of the game, after which it took 20 minutes for them to start taking the customers’ drink orders. They had only 2 servers working for a full house. My simple 3-minute entree took 40 minutes. (People who arrived later than I did got their food ahead of me.) The server knew it and took $10 off my bill, but what I did at tip time was constructive criticism. I got out of there for less than 20 bucks. :smirk:


Sounds like service was a bit… messi


That’s a keeper


Here’s the Milanese equivalent in Brazil.

With the ubiquitous sides of rice, beans, fries and farofa (toasted minioc flour). And most people aren’t fat :slight_smile:


I will try to get in to Guelaguetza at 6 a.m. as a walk-in. If no luck, I’ll head over to Piper’s and Biergarten, which are both on the same block, and try to walk in there. All 3 venues are completely booked up full on RSVPs, but sometimes I can squeeze in as I’m just one person.


So can you not get these on TV?


Hey Bruins, and everybody, this is a bit of a live update from Guelaguetza, where yes, I fortunately was able to get in. I am so glad I did, because now I can partake in what this entire post is about: watching the World Cup LIVE and IN-PERSON, in LOS ANGELES, at this city’s PUBLIC ethnic RESTAURANTS, experiencing the FOOD, culture and venues. That’s why I posted it on a CUISINE website; aptly named FOOD Talk Central; and, within said site, intentionally and solely on its LOS ANGELES page, to engage and convey participation in here in LOS ANGELES.


I like the Coloradito sauce the best


¡Mole negro por vida!


Bob used to play in a golf tournament that was always on Sunday of Masters. The minute they were through playing he would leave so no one watching it live could tell him anything :slight_smile: And wow, does something go fast when you can fast forward. We even record the news.


How exciting was that Mexico match at Guelaguetza?!? It must have been so fun…and amazing food to boot.