2nd Annual Pumpkin Pie Quest


Yes indeed, the poptart was spotted at Balconi. I had a Superba chocolate chip cookie + latte this afternoon.


Hi Dan,
Thanks for the tips.
Are all of these verified pumpkin pie purveyors?
I just called Lodge and they said they do not have pumpkin pie. I would think Rose would have it (they never answer their phone), so I wanted to check before I head over there.

thank you!


I would call ahead. I believe Lodge had pumpkin pie last year so not sure what happened there.


Not traditional but Sweet Rose Creamery makes a pumpkin ice cream pie. They have pictures on IG that look nice.


40$ pumpkin pie? they can lick my nuts. it’s not a difficult thing to bake lol… and theyr’e what… 10$ at house of pies?


Slight thread drift, but if you were ever wondering where the expression “slow as molasses in January” originated, I’m betting it started here (although 35 mph isn’t so slow): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Molasses_Flood


Has anyone made it into EATALY LA yet? I know it is Italian-focused, but curious if there is any pumpkin pie to be had there. I tried to go last night and a sign said they took the day off to recover from opening week.


I went today but was mostly looking at the groceries and ran when the lines started at 11am. No problems walking in earlier btw…


LA Times has a recent roundup, Where to get your Thanksgiving pie to-go

From their list, my son and I have already tried Winston Pies, Huckleberry, and Friends & Family. All very good. And yes many of these pies are expensive, we try to buy slices when possible.

Last year, Fishing With Dynamite’s PP was a knockout - I wonder if Manhattan Beach Post’s version is the same? Note: it looks very similar, with the pumpkin seeds on top.


Well, this was a suggestion for VeniceRunner, not you. So he might not necessarily want them to lick his nuts and he may not mind that the pie costs $40.


well i’m not exactly yelling at you either… it’s just a public reaction to a public posting… not very serious either… i’ve paid that myself too


Their matcha latte is killer.


I think most all of us find ourselves suddenly allergic to those nuts…


Has anyone tried the desserts from Saints and Sinners on Lincoln in Venice? If so any good?


Okay Ipse - that place looks awesome. And we are in that area a few times a week!

Most pumpkin pie crusts leave me blah, so I eat the custard and leave the crust. But a ginger snap crust? Oh I am IN!


Nemorz -

I’ll see your $10 House of Pie, pie, and raise you - the $5.99 giant Costco pie!

It’s all good : )


Sinners and Saints is pretty darned good. The bite–sized desserts are popular with all we’ve offered them to.


A surprisingly disappointing slice of pumpkin pie from Gjusta. Good texture but needed more spice. So much of what we think of as “pumpkin” flavor is really just the spices, and this was very bland.

Dishes of the Month -- November 2017: Comfort Food and Pie

What I’ve found with Gjusta’s pies is (I feel) they try to let the main ingredient in the filling (berries, stone fruit, pumpkin, whatever) sing. Sometimes “the pitch” is right, a lot of times one (or maybe it’s me) has to adjust one’s expectations.

Not sure if they were displaying take away-sized carrot cakes when you were there. I saw these last weekend. Kinda tells me that Gjusta nailed this item. FTCers love it and I’m sure the general consensus is the same. Smaller pies? No.


You’ve been had!:wink: