A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos


I’m afraid you are out of luck. I went yesterday, and there was no crispy taco.

The boar taco still available was quite good with some lovely fresh tomatoes, and expertly roasted chiles, though. Their ribeye taco was also rather good. I was surprised by how juicy.flavorful the ribeye was given that it was cooked well-done by all appearances.

The crab quesadilla they had on this week was a sort of absurdist take on a quesadilla; really taking that “soupy” quality to the next level.


Has anyone been to GT this week? How’s that shrimp/chorizo taco?


Guerrilla has an insanely good pork and porcini taco this week:


God. Damn. Chef Wes has outdone himself this week. In any other week, the lamb taco would’ve been the star of the show:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

But the fried chicken torta is perfection. Crispy, spicy, salty, gooey … I think this iteration may be better than Howlin’ Ray’s.

New photo by Andrew Wilmar


Drool… :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder and report back. Time for a visit soon!


FYI the fried chicken sandwich is on the menu again this week. And it’s so good I braved the Flood of '18 for some more!


No earth shattering updates but was finally able to make it over today. Might have gone a bit overboard…

From the left, clockwise

Potato and pancetta taco - like a breakfast burrito in taco form - pancetta, the runny egg on top, and a bunch of potato chunks underneath. This was my favorite of the tacos

Softshell crab taco - nothing more needs to be said - wonderful

Cauliflower taco - mentioned before, the dates and olives are a nice touch. The Cauliflower was a bit soggy for my taste, but that could have been the transit time. If I could go back, I would have gotten the sweet potato taco.

Wild boar and potato burrito - doesn’t look like much from the picture but this was the best of the bunch. The boar was just gamey enough to provide that robust flavor. There were slices / chunks of roasted pepper (jalapeño)? The previous ingredients, plus potato, plus salsa allows this burrito to find just the right middle ground between not too dry nor too wet.


That boar burrito looks off the hook! I’m glad you got to try potato/panchetta as a taco. I tried it in burrito form but the proportion of ingredients was off. I’m not surprised it works better as a taco.


Thanks for the report @NYCtoLA. Definitely excited to try the wild boar & potato in burrito form! :slight_smile:


Didn’t know they are using different tortillas now. Did they hire someone to make fresh handmade tortillas?
I always thought that was a weakness for Guerrilla. TBH I haven’t had them for a while because the tortillas were pretty bad. I don’t necessary expect tortillas like Taco Maria


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yah they switched over to a nice organic, non-GMO tortilla a while back. It’s made a huge difference.

Note that it’s not made at the truck fresh to order, but they get it from a local specialist from what Wes told me. Definitely improved, but also not Taco Mario / Broken Spanish level (same source).


Come to think of it, I did notice the similarity during my recent visit to Broken Spanish. Why do you suppose the ones there are superior?


Hi @Bigmouth,

You mean the ones at Broken Spanish are superior to Maria? Or vice versa?


I think Maria’s are definitely superior to Guerrilla and Broken Spanish.


@Chowseeker1999 @JeetKuneBao, Guerrilla Tacos switched to Kernel of Truth Organics corn tortillas a while. Here’s a nice article about them:

Broken Spanish/B.S. Taqueria’s tortillas should be fairly similar to Taco Maria’s since I think B.S. gets the Masienda masa from T.M. Or at least they did…and I’m pretty sure they still do. Two year old article for reference:

I had the wild boar burrito yesterday too. Delicious! He usually does it in taco form, not sure I’ve had it in burrito form before.


I like reading this thread. Maybe it’s time for somebody to post . Who has the most fantastic tortillas in Los Angeles. I might be back someday who knows. Guerrilla tacos what a great venue to have in your town .signed, super jealous.


Hi @theoffalo,

Welcome back! :slight_smile: Great info, thanks for the article, cool to know about Guerilla’s Organic Tortilla source.

And nice pic (as usual!), that Wild Boar & Potato Burrito looks delicious. :slight_smile:


Oops I misunderstood. I thought you were saying Guerrilla used inferior tortillas from the same supplier as BS and TM.

I’m addicted to the flour tortillas they sell by the bag at Loqui in Culver City. I love to roll the warm tortillas with a little butter – so good!


Same. I actually keep a bag of these in the freezer next to my cut sangak from Naan Hut. Both reheat extremely well, unless you keep them for many weeks.


Hahaha great minds!
New photo by Andrew Wilmar