A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos


God, yes.


Okay, I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately but …


Allow me to present the Butter Chicken Burrito:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

Notice the tight roll and usage of foil to help ensure burrito integrity. This was one saucy burrito inside but it held together beautifully. And here’s the inside:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

This was love at first bite. The creamy and tender butter chicken combined perfectly with the chili, crema, and beans. So good I ordered a second one to go.

It really feels like Guerrilla has been exceeding their already high standards of late. I wonder if this is in preparation for the opening of the brick and mortar.


Lamb torta was excellent. The lamb is ground and very well seasoned. It tastes like a cross between the lamb kobideh at Shamshiri and the spring lamb sandwich they use to serve at Mendocino Farms.

New photo by Andrew Wilmar


Anyone else having problem seeing the pics? Also, I don’t see this on his menu this week–was this last week?

Edit: Nevermind–I’m an idiot–it was a month ago.


That’s my bad. I deleted a bunch of old pics from Google Photo without realizing it would break the links here.:slightly_frowning_face:



Does this mean the brick n mortar is opening soon?




I believe so!



Welp. Glad I went this past Sunday when they were in front of the Venice Blue Bottle. It was always crazy to me that there was practically never a line.

crab “tacos”

artichoke & pork tacos


thanks so much for the heads up. I’ve only had Guerrilla Tacos once before, loved it. Went back today to Silver Lake Wine to try it again.

I guess somewhat off topic, and perhaps even the wrong forum, but… The wine tasting itself there was a bit of a $hitshow, insanely loud and crowded, hard to really learn about the wines, impossible to truly taste them given the sensory overload, and the whites at least were ice cold straight out of the fridge, not the best environment to appreciate any nuance. Only had the white/domestic chenin flight but they were all “natural” wines, producers that were at the Raw wine fair; 2 of the producers were new to me and based on the wine tastes today, I won’t seek them out again; the other, Broc, I really liked, as always. Every time I go to a Thursday tasting at Silver Lake Wine, I vow to myself that I’ll never go back to another one because it’s such an unenjoyable wine tasting experience, but the promise of trying Guerrilla Tacos again dragged me back…

Guerrilla was slammed, by the time we got there at 8 pm they had already sold out of half the menu. It took 15-20 minutes to get the tacos, but once we did, they were absolutely worth it. Sweet potato tacos were surprisingly meaty and savory, with a delightful crispy corn crunch. Albacore (I think?) tostada was perfectly balanced between citrus acid and the fresh fish, with the rich uni perfectly accentuating the flavors. And the octopus quesadilla with chorizo was sublime.

We did ask about the brick and mortar, and they said they’re setting it up, right by Everson Royce Bar/the Silver Lake Wine arts district location. Can’t wait to try it out.