A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos


Sweet Potato Taco and yellowfin tuna tostada today. Alas got there too late and they ran out of uni for the tostada :cry:.

Encore of Ricky’s fish and shrimp taco.


Tacos today

  1. Puerto Vallarta style crab tacos with guajillo chile, raw tomatillo, chipotle crema, herbs - My favorite today. Not a looker however I really loved the sauce on this taco combination, smokiness complemented the crab well and tomatillo lent a nice acidity.

  2. Ahi tuna poke with tostada with furikake, micro shiso, chile morita - more of a tartare than a poke, pretty little thing,


Nice pics and report. Thanks @Sgee. I keep missing those Crab Tacos.


Thanks @Chowseeker1999. The crab taco was quite a surprise indeed, the sauces really were a perfect match for the crab.


I’m assuming from the website that the truck is closed on Tuesdays? Kind of annoyed b/c I’ve never been and randomly have the day off tomorrow. ::sigh::


@paranoidgarliclover, they used to be 7 days a week. The Tuesday thing is new I guess. Darn.


They used to be 5 days a week (Wed in Culver City, Thu-Sun in Arts District), didn’t they?


I agree, I never recall them being 7 days a week either?


Oh really? Maybe they were LOL. I’ve visited them on so many different days, I guess I misremembered them being 7 days.


Guerilla’s roasted chicken taco may be the best chicken taco I’ve ever had. One of their simpler preparations, but the meat is tender and incredibly flavorful. Highly recommended.


When did you get that? I was in Culver City yesterday and they didn’t have it, at least not at 11am.

For those who don’t know, GT recently switched to a weekly menu, rather than daily. With how varied their stops are now (not all in Arts District), there should be less FOMO regarding what menu is served where. Though there may be daily specials still, and the timing of his sea urchin supplier means that Culver City almost never gets the uni-topped tostadas that you see at Silver Lake Wine and other stops after Wednesday.


Weird… I got them yesterday in Culver City around noon. I also noticed they were on the new weekly menu before I went. Perhaps the chicken just wasn’t ready yet at 11 AM?


Possibly. I went last week at just after noon and it was a mob scene. I had to get out of line because I had a meeting to attend at work. So yesterday I got there early at 11am. Can’t complain too much about missing the roast chicken taco, though I really wanted to try it. The sweet potato and calamari tacos, and the tuna tostada, were still winners:


Yeah, I try to get there just before noon or they start running out of stuff.



Today at Blue Bottle?


No from Blue Bottle Venice a few weeks ago…


I walked down to their Saturday spot, over by Blue Bottle coffee on Beverly today

Pork taco with chile morita, sumac onions, stone fruit, cilantro

Beef Colorado & foie gras taco with arbol chile , flowering herbs

Yellow fin tostada with white miso, raw tomatillo chile, sea weed, furikake, citrus vinegar

The pork was the undisputed winner. Great balance of components. A nice addition to the neighborhood.


Nice report back @djquinnc. Love their interesting tacos & other offerings. :slight_smile: That Pork Taco is amazing.


They will be at Smorgasberg every Sunday the entire summer!