A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos


No buses around???


You want me to take the bus to arts district from Burbank during my lunch hour?


Yes, please. Take lots of photos. We look forward to your report.


Nah I’m good. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Didn’t know where you work or even IF you work :slight_smile: Good to assume though that at more convenient times you’re amenable to public transpo. I thought that was looked down on in LA.


FWIW, I like parking on the upper levels of the Little Tokyo Galleria on 3rd and Alameda. The stores are pretty generous with parking validation.


I don’t know if I should give away all of the Arts District parking secrets… but… uh… you guys know the entirety of Santa Fe a couple blocks from Blacktop is free parking right?..

Then again, I guess I am pretty weird in my nonchalant attitude about walking a couple blocks to go somewhere. I actually enjoy walking.

But it’s also closer than Little Tokyo so…


That’s a good tip. I don’t mind walking that distance.


If you’re referring to the area by one sante fe / that funky arts school, that was all booked up too.


Having lived for many years in SF, we walked long distances routinely and had/have great public transpo. And we tend to travel to cities that also do. So I forget that LA is different.


This is why people hate LA lol


Ah well, you can always park down on like 8th and Santa Fe and Uber to Blacktop and back, still cheaper than parking shrugs

I don’t think I have ever paid for parking in the Arts District in my life :smiley:

Maybe just lucky I suppose


We do house exchanges and a few years ago did one with a couple in Laguna Beach. Went one morning to the SGV for dim sum. The moment we drove into LA County traffic STOPPED. But dang those duck tongues at Elite sure were good :slight_smile:


Bizarre. What time of day was that? Should’ve been a straight shot up the 5, and would’ve figured you leave around 9 am from laguna for 10 am dim sum, should’ve been smooth sailing.


It’s been a few years so I don’t remember but, yeah, we’re ‘dim sum for breakfast’ folks. On the return we headed east and then south and then back west. But so worth it.


The 5 Freeway from Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs to the 605 is guarantee traffic



Well, I think right now there is some construction project, but years ago?


Hey I got a parking spot with no problems when I went to ADLA today. Perhaps the parking gods were kind to me. I was prepared to walk from Little Tokyo, though.


That lobster quesadilla was so damn good.

Yellowtail tostada:

Bacon & foie taco:

Wild boar taco:

Soft shell crab taco:

Sweet potato taco:


This is all from one visit??

But interesting that they seemed to use two different tortillas during @Chowseeker1999 and @thechez5’s visits. They had the blue corn ones when I went to the Venice location two weekends ago.