A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos


The thing with Guerilla Tacos is that you can’t go there looking for Mexican food.

It’s just interesting food (generally seafood-centric) served in a Mexican style. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sort of like Kogi (with Korean) or BaoHaus (with Chinese/Taiwanese).

Interesting food? Yes. Good Mexican? No.


This is accurate.

I’ll say this about BaoHaus. They were incredibly accommodating and friendly for a fast casual place.


That feels sort of…odd…Guerilla Tacos seems way closer to Mexican than something like Kogi to straight Korean.

Maybe I’m just completely wrong, but…for example, is Taco Maria’s food also not Mexican at all but merely served in a “Mexican style”?


Has anyone had these Puerto Vallarta style crab taquito things?

I mean seriously how much food is this? Amuse bouche size? Do I need to buy these 3 taquitos and 2 additional tacos to be full? I only got time to order once.


They’re pretty big, at least they were when we tried them. But just a heads up, they’re not deep fried like taquitos. More like rolled tacos that are then grilled.


got it, reminiscent of Mexicali’s cachetadas.


Hi @Ns1,

Might be too late for you, but “yes” you’d probably need to order these (if you wanted to try it) and 2 tacos (or their quesadilla) and a drink to make it a meal.


Much better results than last time. Got a swordfish taco plus the Puerto Vallarta tacos. Crazy amount of crab in the PV tacos, but ultimately the flavor combinations didn’t blow me away. The swordfish taco, however, jesus christ that was amazing. With an agua fresca, damage was $22. I would’ve liked another swordfish taco. I’ll have to accept that a trip to GT is going to be a $30 lunch, so GT is in once a month territory for me.


Thanks for the report @Ns1. I haven’t had the Swordfish Taco since last year (I keep missing it when it rotates in). But last time we had it, I agree, it was delicious! :slight_smile:


The swordfish belly taco was one of the best tacos i’ve had there.


So bummed I missed the Swordfish Taco this week. Thanks for the report back. Looks wonderful!. :slight_smile:


A mercurial offering by Chef Wes…




Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Please tip your server.


Jesus. I wonder if he’ll let you BYOT


Damn. I didn’t get that much truffle on my quesadilla the other day. OTOH, it looks like he’s using white truffle in the pic.

Also, here’s a pic of the chicken taco. Still some of the best and most flavorful chicken I’ve ever had.


Thanks @Bigmouth.

Actually that’s summer truffles in the other pic. It’s not white truffle season right now.

I love their chicken taco! But I’ve missed it the last 3 or 4 times it was rotated back on the menu. :cry: :slight_smile: Hopefully with the future brick & mortar we won’t have to worry as much about missing some of the favorites.


Red Chilaquiles Torta from Guerrilla Tacos. Perfectly fried chicken topped with chilaquiles, pinto beans, and avocado. One of the best fried chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had. Maybe not better than the one at Howlin’ Ray’s, but certainly in the same league.

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how big is that thing? Slider sized?


Bigger than slider-sized for sure. At least as large as the Howlin’ Ray’s sandwich and maybe larger. Holds together surprisingly well, too.