A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos


Wow, that is rare outside of Mexico, how cool that they do that!


Did Guerilla Tacos as my “second choice” after I saw how bananas the Howlin’ Ray’s line was.

One green bean and egg taco because I’m still burning a candle for my childhood vegetable crush. This was excellent. Loved the roasted peppers and burnt tomato salsa. The green beans had a crisp bite but were seared hard like a dry sauteed long bean dish. The egg was lacy and crisp on the edges while the yolk was jammy. Overall was packed with flavor but felt light.

Despite looking forward to sea snails, IRL they were offering garlic shrimp. Another stunner. Shrimp had snap without being rubbery at all.

Then I blew it. I was planning on heading to Lien Hoa to sample a roast pork bahn mi. But in hasn’t yet had a Guerilla quesadilla and I pulled the trigger on their morel and corn version on offer. Sample size of one, so take with lots of salt, but I didn’t get this one. No griddle on this tortilla at all. Oily is fine, but this one read as flaccid. The salsa, greens, morels, cheese, corn all tasted wonderful and they worked so well together. But the execution was off. The interior was overstuffed with Oaxacan string cheese to the point that it became an exercise in grossness to finish this. The cheese wasn’t handled properly because the while thing was swimming in a pool of oil that the cheese had expelled.

I wandered across 3rd St. like Harry Dean Stanton in Paris, Texas. Lost and having lost.

So I made it a bang bang with Salt and Straw. But I kept it real healthy and totally not glutton-like because I got only coconut-based flavors. I hear coconut is really healthy.


Hi @frommtron,

Thanks for the report. I like the green bean taco I had from Guerilla as well a while back. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info on the garlic shrimp.

For the quesadilla, was Chef Wes cooking? Or was it his assistant? Just curious. I’ve had some mixed results on the quesadillas before (some great, some not).


I must admit I didn’t look super closely to confirm, but I also didn’t spy him as I glanced into the truck.

I’ll give a quesadilla a try again because science. And everything else they do is so good.


LOVE that green bean taco. It’s actually one of the best things I’ve ever had at Guerrilla. I’m not sure how he gets that particular combo of color and texture.

Like you and @Chowseeker1999, I’ve had mixed results myself with the quesadillas. One thing I’ve noticed is some of them taste better when consumed open faced, like a pizza. This is particularly true of the cheesier preps, where folding creates a double layer of cheese that overwhelms other more delicate ingredients.


Wes is a vegetable whisperer for sure.

Good call on the quesadilla.


Thr brick and mortar will be at former space of La Reyna (not too far from Bestia and Everson Royce)


Thanks @JeetKuneBao. I just read that as well. I hope there’s enough parking in the area.


Holy shizznittle bam snip snap sack people! If you are a carnivore, love bbq, and/or are a fan of crispy tacos you MUST MUST MUST give Guerrilla’s menu a try this week.

The smoked pork shoulder with persimmon tacos are out of this world! So tender, juicy, and super smokey! I don’t recall Guerrilla’s having offered smoked meat before but this was executed at an extremely high level. Like competition quality 'cue.

The crispy boar taco was also exceptional. At first, I was a little confused how to eat it since, as you can see in the pic, there are greens, cheese, etc. on top. Then I realized you eat it like a sope or mini-tostada. So crisp and delicious!


Thanks @Bigmouth. I’m drooling! :slight_smile:


That crispy boar taco looks incredible


It’s absurdly good. Little oily but in a good Jack-in-the-Box-taco kinda way. There’s also this spicy crema he drizzles on top that takes it to the next level. And it’s all balanced nicely by the greens and cherry tomatoes.

One thing I forgot to mention: this is a multi-napkin affair. Very juicy and oily. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get caught with insufficient napkins.


Thanks for the pro tip; hope they still have this bad boy next week when I’m in town.


What what WHAT???

Hugely helpful info. Thank you!!!


A taco with persimmons. OMG.

Wes is the sh-t. (And I don’t swear. But dang. That is just such a smart combo!)


argh, no crispy boar taco this week. replaced by a wild boar taco.


That’s what it was listed as last week though. I was surprised when it came crispy. It sounds the same from the description on the menu. Maybe check with them?




Uh oh lol. Here’s a picture of Demicorgon to cheer you up!


Omg. :heart_eyes: