A Pasta Family's Flagship Arrives on the Westside - The Delightful Handmade Pastas of Pasta Sisters (Culver City) [Thoughts + Pics]


Printing their own money right now, they are…


Absolutely! Their Sfogliatelle is WORLD CLASS. Also… they import wonderful cured meats. We make Pizza at home and always get some of their Prosciutto to top…



Got the Arrabiata tagliatelle extra spicy with burrata on top. It was wonderful. The service is extremely slow–I think they are still working through their level of business. Hoping they can get quicker, as right now it’s just too slow for a workday lunch.


Agreed. They seem overwhelmed during the week. Stopped by last Sunday, however, and it was much quieter. Not sure if that was because of spring break though.


Thanks for the update @Haeldaur @Bigmouth. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear the Arrabiata Tagliatelle was great. We haven’t been the last few weeks, but during our 3 visits, we’d show up just before lunch rush if possible (like 11:45 - 11:55) and beat most of the lunch rush that way.

We got our food pretty quickly that way, but I’m guessing they’re getting busier.


No pictures, but I wanted to chime in anyways. This was my first visit - haven’t even been to the original location yet, despite living ~10 minutes away.

Visited yesterday (Saturday) with a couple friends for dinner. We got there at 5:50 and there was no line, with a few empty tables. By the time we were getting our food the line was to the door (but moving fast).

I got the tagliatelle bolognese, which was great. You could really tell that the sauce had been cooked down properly and the beef was quite, uh, beefy. The tagliatelle had a good bite to it. For $10.75(?) it was a steal.

My friends both got the pesto gnocchi (that’s what they get for not coordinating). I tried a bite and the gnocchi was quite good, but the pesto was a little basic for my taste. Not that it wasn’t good - it was.

We also got the spinach and ricotta panzerotti, which were incredible. I don’t even like ricotta, but something about how they made these turned them into a delicious, savory experience. The crust was also outstanding.

We tried 3 of the 4 desserts:
apricot pie was fine. The dough veered a little too far into “shortbread” style for my taste and I thought the apricot tasted a bit too much like jam, but it was clearly made with high-quality ingredients. This one probably depends on your taste in pie.

tiramisu was decent. The ladyfingers were fine but for my taste should have been soaked in a stronger espresso (or soaked for longer?). The cream was good. A bit too much cocoa powder on top. Shige’s (at Shibucho) is leagues ahead, but comparing most things to that is unfair.

mini sfogliatelle was extremely good. I’m not even a big fan of orange in my desserts, but it worked here. The layered, slightly crispy texture of the dough was highly appealing, and the extremely light hand with the sweetness was appreciated.

Overall, I’m very happy. It is, perhaps, not the best homestyle pasta you will ever have. Leo Bulgarini does it somewhat better - but that requires driving to Altadena and paying nearly double the price. It is, however, very good, and once you factor in the price and accessibility, it becomes hard to look away.

Highly recommended.


Hi @T3t,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: Love their Tagliatelle Bolognese as well! Great to hear about the Spinach and Ricotta Panzerotti. And yes, I love Leo’s pastas! It’s time for a road trip back soon. :wink:


This is great advice. Went yesterday at 6pm, no line. Not 10 minutes later, the line was out the door. Happy they seem to be doing steady business.

The pastas were all on point. And has the portion size bigger at the Culver location? Each was Large Marge. Not a complaint at all. Especially for ~$11/pasta, seems like a great deal in comparison to other prices around town. I mean, I don’t even think you can get a pasta dish at Olive Garden for cheaper.

I really like Pasta Sisters. A lot.


That looks glorious, @President_Mochi! Glad to see the new location is faring so well.


Happy for PS. BUT I still find their original Arlington/Pico location to be a tad better, food-wise.


Clam pasta.

A bit bland without garlic, but I had my trusty bottle of anchovy juice. :+1:


You carry a bottle of anchovy juice? Tell me more.


I too was intrigued.


Colatura di Alici

It’s a magical elixir.


Hi @President_Mochi,

Nice report back. :slight_smile: Yes, we felt like the portions at the new Culver City location are slightly larger than the original location.


Just got a notice today that their license came through and they’re serving Beer and Wine.