A quick trip report (Oct 2017)


Stopped by your fine city when Depeche Mode were playing the Hollywood Bowl in October, and squeezed in a few meals (and stops) in between.

It started with a late lunch at Yu Chun.

A delicious awesome bowl of Chic Mul Naengmyun

(for reference this is the Mul Naengmyun at Mo Ran Gak in Garden Grove, circa 2013/2014)

Kimchi Mandoo (this is like tennis ball sized siu mai), also insanely delicious with the dipping sauce/mustard mix

Afterwards, dropped by Galleria Market to take a look and to be reminded again why K-town supermarkets put other Korean supermarkets in Northern California to utter shame

And sometime before dinner at Aburiya Raku, a visit to K&L Hollywood for checking out their sake selection

Last but not least, Connie & Ted’s.

Really decent corkage (~$15 ish) so you can bring whacky things like…

Chilled local rock crab (Santa Barbara) with saffron aioli and cocktail sauce

Rock crab with rock crab themed beverage (the recommended pairing, lol)

California Rock, Little Hoodlum (WA), Coromandel (NZ), Cape Neddick (ME), Barnstable (MA), Steamboat (NY)

Hokkaido Dog (Hokkaido scallop sausage, onion, smoked mustard)

Apple pie (Spitzenburg apples with maple - rosemary streusel)


I really your resto choices here esp on a tight visit. You should try to leave yourself some more time for SGV Chinese food crawl.


Nice report @beefnoguy. :slight_smile: Glad you had a fun time on this visit, and it sounds like you hit up some great places.

Were there any highlights at K&L you’d recommend for Sake? Thanks.


Thanks all. Logistics wise this was too tight of a call to do a lot more than what I pulled. This was more of a “greatest hits” kind of trip, known to be of top quality and can’t go wrong.

Oh…I forgot the breakfast before departure, I’ll post that in a bit.

I’ll get to the Aburiya Raku dinner in the main long winded thread later.

Venturing into SGV will have to be done on the next trip.

K&L sake: Bushido one cup, Nanbu Bijin Junmai Ginjo, Tensei, Fukucho Moon On The Water, Ginga Shizuku Junmai Daiginjo, Kanbara (Bride of the Fox Junmai Ginjo), and the two Wakatake bottles are always classic. Just within this lot, it’s a good rotation of affordable enjoyment.


Last meal in town: Breakfast at Sun Nong Dan

Absolutely heavenly!

Teuk Galbi Tang (beef back ribs)

Oo Guh Ji Galbi Tang (beef short rib soup with dried cabbage)

And the side dishes and killer dip sauce


Holy cow, there are other dishes besides galbi jjim at Sun Nong Dan!