A Taco Journey: Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Pacific Spiny Lobster, and more - Leo's Tacos #2, Tire Shop Tacos, Revolutionario, Ricky's Fish Tacos, Guerilla, BS Taqueria and more!


If you go, you can order their Lamb Barbacoa by the half or full pound (or just tacos).

Make sure you try their Costilla (Ribs) and Maciza (Shoulder & Leg meat) along with the Consommé. :slight_smile:


It’s frustrating the trompo was not up to full speed. I wonder how many tacos would have to be purchased in order to get the trompo fired up. The funny thing is the 2 times I went to Tacos La Guera, Al Pastor was sliced off and slapped on the grill, which led me to the conclusion the place was meh. There have been other places along MLK which sear the cheese. However I’ve not come across this particular dish. I hope these guys make it. Where they are is a little out of sight and out of mind however it’s a nice space. Another thing about that corner is there used to be a guy who would set up a BBQ and made good Jerk Chicken. He was behind the Barber shop across from CVS. I’m not at that corner all that often but I’ll see if he still hangs out there.


i enjoyed the food – and the drinks, could that have something to do with it? – at amor y tacos.
the name of the restaurant or the name of the “type” of food they served didn’t have much to do with it.

aren’t all “mexican” restaurants in this state of california, by definition, “mexican american” restaurants?
just thinking out loud…


I will be heading there soon.


I think of it as the difference between a red sauce italian place like Rao’s and a place like Angelini Osteria not saying one is better than the other just slightly different focus.


i politely and respectfully disagree with your analogy, but no big whup.




Hi @Mattapoisett_in_LA,

Yah, as @Ns1 and a few other FTC’ers have pointed out, if you don’t see the Trompo out at any of your favorite Al Pastor stands, then just keep driving. :stuck_out_tongue:

I drove by Leo’s Tacos once and they didn’t have the Trompo out. And hearing you and another person mention La Guera when they didn’t have the Trompo out (or not cooking on high heat), you might as well skip it for the night.

Thinking back on when we saw the Trompo at La Guera? One was on a Tues night around 9 p.m. Another was Thurs night. And multiple visits on the weekends around 10 p.m.+ Always had the Trompo out cooking on high heat with lots of people.

I’ll be back to the MLK Tacos Estilo D.F. and hopefully see their Trompo on high heat. We liked their Volcanes a lot. :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Thanks @aaqjr.


Hi @Luluthemagnificent,

Noooo! :sweat_smile: I’ll leave that reporting up to you and the other veteran FTC’ers. I think we would die trying to do a round up on those food groups. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why are trompos ever not out? Because they are illegal?


in my effort to remain the biggest jackass extant, i ask:
given that a lot of trompos i see in person and in pictures around these parts use
some sort of weird electric heating element to cook the spinning cone of love, has anyone
ever done a blind tasting of al pastor made this way and al pastor fried on a flat top?

just curious, he brayed.


Hi @Aesthete,

No, I think it might be when it’s low volume. The amount of Pork on that spit is a hefty portion. If they know it’s a slow time of day, and they won’t be able to sell most of the Al Pastor on that Trompo within a reasonable time, then the rest of it would spoil / go to waste.

Just my guess. So they just have some pre-seasoned Pork that the cook on the the flat top instead (or pre-cooked (I’ve seen in some places)).


If that’s the case, it represents a real issue huh? If everyone passed by and didn’t go unless the trompo was up, the trompo would never go out haha

Good to know though. Thanks.


Hi @linus,

It’s a fair question. I don’t know any friends who’ve tried a blind tasting.

To be fair, the heating element on the Trompo isn’t just electric heating coils or something, there’s real open flames (the pics I’ve taken might not’ve caught the flames properly at that moment).

But I don’t think I let that color my impression. If something is delicious it’s delicious (of course that’s all subjective, LOL. ;)). Like, when Chef Avner at Cento Pasta told me the pasta they had that day were all dry, pre-packaged pasta (no fresh, handmade pasta), I was still blown away by their Bolognese Pasta (it was really delicious), even if they used mass-produced pasta.

On this latest trip, we had La Guera and Tacos Estilo D.F. back-to-back, within maybe 15 minutes of each other? So the taste was fresh in our minds. I asked each of my friends who went with us what they thought of the two Al Pastor places, and every one of them chose La Guera over Tacos Estilo D.F.

But yah, perhaps it might have the same flavors? Let me know if you try the taste test.


you are right and i am (sometimes) wrong about the heat source of the trompo.
i guess ive seen both. makes sense a flame would add something, even if it was a gas flame.


Trompos are basically vertical broilers so if they’re gas powdered then there will be flames.


I used to be surprised by this, too. There’s a common misconception that dry pasta from a package is inherently inferior to pasta made fresh in the kitchen. But some dishes (e.g., spaghetti carbonara) just work better with dry pasta imo. And because production of dry pasta is pretty tightly regulated, at least in Italy, you can generally be confident of quality and consistency.


yup, i get it.


as usual, great review and pics. having said that, i get a little jaded when things like tacos are too pretty, etc.; personally i’m not a huge fan of what i’d call the… bourgeois assimilation of humble dishes of the common people. and with the possible exception of fish/shrimp tacos in baja, i see tacos as being about using cheap/common cuts of meat and stretching them. the skill is in making those cuts palatable if not delicious with appearance being secondary. but that comes from asian cultural background i’m sure.