A Taco Journey: Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Pacific Spiny Lobster, and more - Leo's Tacos #2, Tire Shop Tacos, Revolutionario, Ricky's Fish Tacos, Guerilla, BS Taqueria and more!


It is quite the sight. I will leave it up to you if you want to see it…


That’s too bad about the Huitlacoche truck, @Chowseeker1999… I thought about heading over there this weekend. Looks like I was right to stick with Otomisan today.

Ack, everything you had at Guerilla Tacos looked fab! I must confess that I’m intimidated by shirako - even though I’m Japanese. I love uni, which is the gonads of sea urchin, but I just can’t get over the idea of eating milt. Maybe I’ll be brave enough one day. I would eat the other dishes in a heartbeat though.

Thank you for your thorough reviews and thoughtfulness. Cheers!


Now I’m scared. :frowning: I won’t look, I won’t look, I won’t look… LOL. :persevere:


Hi @MaladyNelson,

Yah I was the same way until one day Shunji-san served it to us as one of the courses. I just didn’t think about it, focused on the enjoyment of the Omakase as a whole and took that bite. :sweat_smile: It was actually quite delicious. I still try not to think about it too much and just eat it (especially knowing that Chef Avila is just awesome with Veggies and Seafood and flavor balancing, I just figured it’d taste good (and it did)). :wink:


Okay, I’ll give it a go one of these days. I might have to do some brain training exercises though…


I want that damn cod sperm taco in my mouth now.


Take out the cod from that sentence…

Interested in a few more places?

Tacos Como En El D.F.
Heard they have unique cuts due to being a former butcher. They also have a classic D.F. snack you don’t see often, tostada de pata.

Tacos El Jefe.
Also has homemade tortillas and free guacamole. Might be the best in Pico Union, doesn’t have the huge copper pot of off cuts like La Guera.

Mariscos Tocho.
I have been eye balling this place for months. Garret Snyder from LA Weekly beat me to it with a short article on this place. They do a surf-n-turf taco that is rarely seen from lonchera trucks or taco stands. Weekends only.

And have you been to Mercado Olympic?
A lot of the stands use homemade tortillas, and perhaps another rarity…you can ask for pretty much whatever you want in a taco or quesadilla. I think one time I did a quesadilla with potatoes, chorizo, and bell peppers/onions. It is a fun experience overall.

Thank you for the coverage!


Oh and at Mercado Olympic you can also get blue corn, squash blossoms, and corn fungus.

I am also very tempted to ask if they will chop up a bacon wrapped dog put it in a taco or quesdilla with some cheese and peppers/onions.


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Thanks for the recommendations. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to try these next time (after a little break). :wink:

I like Tacos El Jefe; went there a couple times (one of the visits is up above in this thread). :slight_smile:

Mercado Olympic: No not yet. I want to go, but we keep forgetting to plan it out. How bad is the parking there? Any recommended places to park?



Oh lawdy that sounds incredible.


Cue Michael Palin & Monty Python singing ‘Every sperm is sacred’!


Is Leo’s Tacos that truck parked in a gas station on the left as I head north from Venice Blvd. to Republique to get my bread in the morning?



But I would advise not going during the week and day.


Hi @Bookwich,

Yah, it’s right on the NW corner of La Brea & Venice, in the 76 Gas Station parking lot.

But as @JeetKuneBao noted, while you might see their truck there during the day, only go when you see the Trompo (vertical roasting spit) out, which is usually at night only.

During the day their offerings are not so good.



Well isn’t that convenient for me. Thanks for the info. It’s always surrounded by a lot of Mexican men when I drive by. It seems very popular. I’ll have to politely, yet firmly, fight my way through the crowd.


i can’t even tell you what it replaced, on valley a block or two west of marengo in alhambra, but baja cali fish & tacos soft opened recently and i think are still offering 99 cent tacos on tuesdays and thursdays.

tough price to beat, but i wish the batter was a touch crispier.

i neglected to take a pic, but for those who value such things, nice help yourself condiment options including onions, radishes, peppers,etc.

and they take credit cards.


Thanks for the report back @secretasianman. How does it compare with Tacos Baja Ensenada?


sadly, i haven’t been there yet, so i can’t say.


…and open till 3am nightly!


New specialist on Olympic and Soto, mornings until 3, closed Tuesdays.

Birria Y Tacos La Unica

Tacos have cheese melted in the inside with Birria. Comes with consommé/sopa. Handmade tortillas.

Might be the next big thing. Will have to try soon.

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