A Tasty Dish You Made


hell yea… love Ortiz brand… great salad… good work… p.s. where the olives at


the eggplant kind of sucked if i’m honest… biggest problem is the stupid breadcrumbs… it’s way too big so got too bready… tj had panko and standard and i swear the standard was big like panco… i got to go to russian bakery next time for normal bread crumbs


You know you can make regular bread crumbs, right? I generally keep some in the freezer.


well yea… it wasn’t a make your own bread crumbs after working full day kind of night. they’re like a dollar for a quart at my Armenian spot


You don’t make them to order. I throw bread ends and stale pieces into the fridge until I feel like dirtying my food processor, then do some batches. Straight into a ziploc and then the freezer.

Only good bread that you really like, though. Otherwise your freezer will soon be overrun.


yea, i used to work at an italian spot back in early 90s. i know the drill… we had a huge box where we just tossed bread to dry… it’s not going to happen at our bread hating home. :(. so i just buy crumbs


Every so often, I get a trashy craving for yakisoba pan - basically stir-fried noodles in a bun. Normally, you get them in Japanese convenience stores, but they’re always sweating and discolored in their plastic wrapping. Homemade is so much better. I must say all those carbs are satisfying.

I adapted this recipe:


This is inspiring me. Two of the grands (and their boring ole parents!) will be here next weekend. Two and five. Not particularly picky but not at all adventuresome yet. Maybe something in a hot dog bun. Thanks.


Pizza. Here’s the technique which is the key IMO.

The high heat pre-heating is the key. My oven will get to 550. And Kirkland parchment paper will handle that heat. One trick I’m using is to slice vegetables on the mandoline and ‘blot’ between paper towels. I keep 4oz packs of ground pork that I season with fennel seed, RPFs, s&p. Also keep mozzarella on hand.


I hope they like it. The yakisoba is good on its own. The sandwich version is student comfort food.


Hash brown waffles! Peel and coarsely grate a Russet potato. Mix in melted butter, s&p. Put in a waffle iron heated to the highest setting. When the steam stops coming out it’s likely done or close to it.


one thing about that shape that worries me isn’t the shape, but the fact that you’re likely not stretching the gluten matrix enough, so it’s not reaching the texture it should reach. Got to get that practice on’

otherwise, very nice browning for a home kitchen.


I SO appreciate that advice! We made a couple that looked an awful lot like Australia :slight_smile: On a side note we just got the Uuni pizza oven: http://uuni.net/ Gets over 900 degrees! Haven’t even taken it out of the box. Have you heard of it?


Holy shit, that looks unreal. great job!


The ‘base’ was Hazan’s carbonara.


I substituted arugula for parsley. And then I sauteed some mushrooms and grape tomatoes.


What kind of pasta is that?


Linguine. Pretty much my go-to. 'Cept when the grands are here. They handle farfalle better at two and five :slight_smile:


It’s a nice linguini.


I adapted Spoon Fork Heart’s Thai Cashew Chicken recipe and used tofu instead. I really liked the balance between sweet and spicy.


tried reading the Riz Au Lait recipe, but cock blocked by NYT. I was just wondering if this was a difficult recipe to make, Were there a lot of steps? same question for the chocolate pudding