Above All, Don't Be a Dick


Ahhh… it was the Lodge Pizza thread that sent you packing. I didn’t know. I’m not much of a pizza fan or really Lodge bread for that matter. But I’m glad you checked in here… I’ll take what I can get.


Awesome. In other words @Bookwich. Get your ass back here!


Okay wait. I read that again. You actually liked the Lodge pizza debate… I think. Anyway, get your ass back here.


I had that thought too… as you can probably imagine. Some may say he was provoked. But, to quote paranoidgarliclover [quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:203, topic:1672”]
I feel like you get pinched and then you end up launching a missile in response.
[/quote]Either way, it was fun getting him to show his ass.


I’ve been thinking we should start a War Council. Kind of like the “Lounge”. But this just might be it! Thanks Bookwich.

P.S. I’m just playin’ around guys. I don’t want to be quarantined again :flushed:.


English = England
Irish = Ireland
Dickish = Dickland?

That explains a lot about the “who what where and why”…


Enforcement is lax. The goal is to get people to treat each other with civility, not to drive them away.


When I use “cunt” it’s with great hatred and has nothing to do with food. So IMneverHO that would be a BFL (banned for life) use. Again IMneverHO.


I changed the FAQ to reflect the lax enforcement customers demanded shortly after I started the site.

Chowhound’s an object lesson in what can happen when you’re trigger-happy on banning users.


what incident is this post in regards to


It’s only used by men with serious female (mommy?) issues.


Sorry, I’ve tried to be pragmatic, then quiet about this. But I find these excuses lacking. It’s fine to have a lax attitude about allowing a male poster to call a woman a cunt… Just as long as you don’t mind FTC becoming a boys only club.


@robert is not making excuses, as he is not the one in the role of moderator. Nor should he be the target of your (or anyone else’s) anger or angst.

I am. If you need someone to air your issues at, direct them at me please.


Okay @ipsedixit. But he’s responding and saying (writing) that he made and edits the FAQ/Guidelines, so…

I was okay with letting the whole thing drop. I wasn’t innocent in the matter. But this is weak.


[quote=“TheCookie, post:34, topic:5407, full:true”]
I wasn’t innocent in the matter. [/quote]

That’s exactly why you should let it go.


I guess gloves are off on all conflicts. This will be interesting.


If you can compare me giving an obnoxious poster a bit of his own medicine - one who has caused some to leave and others to post less - comparable to calling someone a cunt, then so be it.


Dagnabbit - :slight_smile: I’m sorry I missed this :slight_smile:

(As a side note, when I a card carrying woman feminist of a “certain age”, calls someone a “cunt” and I have, it’s usually preceded by “stupid fucking.” Just an fyi.


[quote=“bulavinaka, post:36, topic:5407, full:true”]
I guess gloves are off on all conflicts. This will be interesting.
[/quote]Mercury is in retrograde yo’. I’m beginning to think that shitz for realz.


Hi @catholiver -

Funny cath. I think you’re right, those 3 words usually do go together. Yeah, I guess everybody could use the word if they’ve been provoked to an unreasonable degree (I haven’t). For example: Someone runs over your dog, then says the dog deserved it for running in front of their car :rage:. But in this instance, I stand by my comment - female issues (fear of being humiliated by a woman)… hmmm :thinking:.

Since we all have agreed that that is the worst thing you can call a woman, I’d like to ask - if that person replaced the word with a racial slur, would they still be allowed to post on FTC?

I’ll stop now. Because I may want to post on FTC again one day.

Thanks for the support folks!