Above All, Don't Be a Dick


Keep posting as you wish IMHO. If you’re reproached, “if someone can call me a cunt and still be here…” That remark is like Pluto to the Sun - so far off the map that we still don’t know what to think of it. Your remark was more like Mars - we can see it and it seems a lot more real.


I asked a similar question on CH. If I’d said “nigger” what would have happened.


There you go. Immediate removal (hopefully) would be my guess. Curious about the answer?


I’d bet it would incur BFL. Different standards?



Someone gave me the advice that I should start using the word on folks who think it’s acceptable and equal.

“Damn, c***, that pork chop looks excellent!”

“Thanks for the great report, c***!”

I really miss that poster :pensive:.


As stated above, I’m an old feminist and it makes me crazy that there’s still this disparity.


Quarantining a discussion isn’t exactly lax.

The goal is to get contributors to be civil to each other, not to drive anyone away.


The main disparity is that women are less likely to act like dicks so the bad behavior comes mostly from the other team.


Well, there IS that :slight_smile:


Thanks goodness my mom isn’t around to score a big one for the other team. She’d potty-mouth the hell out of this place.


That’s hilarious. In my family that would be me. My mom would faint if she read some of my posts.


You and my mom - oh yeah and my wife (her potty-mouthosity is weak) - my favorite women in the world. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’ve tried to speak with you both privately. But, this is how you want it. So, ipsedixit can save the blah-dy, blah about being the moderator and admonishing me - in a public forum - for speaking directly to Robert. Which I find funny, you got your shoulders up about that. So much worse than being called a c*** in a public forum. Anyway, Robert’s a big boy. He’s the one defending his philosophy, so he’s the one I’m answering.

[quote=“robert, post:47, topic:5407”]
not to drive anyone away.
[/quote]I understand everything but this. Are you saying you fear driving away a trolling menace? When most would prefer you do more than drive him away. How about chopping his head off… figuratively.

What you are actually doing is allowing your civil members to be uncomfortable and some to leave - not for the sake of not being like CH - for the sake of a cretin that knows what a “true khao soi” should taste like, or where to get the best cecina. Can’t you have standards and still not be like CH?

I really enjoy you both and what you have created here. It is not easy speaking to the owner/moderators in this way. I hope it doesn’t make me too uncomfortable to continue posting. But some of us are truly invested in the success of this board. I don’t mean financially, because I consider the small donations well worth the fun we have here. But, when you have posters who checkout or don’t enter a discussion because a certain member has arrived. It’s a problem.



I’d think when a contributor regularly provokes fights, instigates confrontations, and foments discord, in addition to repeatedly issuing sexist and racist comments and then arguing about whether said comments are offensive, a “time out” is rather lenient.

The negativity and unpleasantness of the contributor is detrimental to the community and does not make me want to contribute. Likewise, I am disinclined to encourage new people to join and participate knowing what they will encounter.

Just my opinion, of course.

(Robert, sorry this is in reply to you - I’m having tech issues on my end.)


Now, I want to kiss you. See @Funtimes? I say it too sometimes :kissing_heart:.


@TheCookie and @ElsieDee -


That means a big thumbs up for both of you.


Thanks @bulavinaka!

It wasn’t easy. Like an uncomfortable, but overdue family discussion. Where nobody can agree about what to do with the problem child.


D[quote=“robert, post:48, topic:5407, full:true”]
The main disparity is that women are less likely to act like dicks so the bad behavior comes mostly from the other team.

I don’t even know what to do with this comment.

What are you saying?


Except he’s not a child; he’s a grown man.


Why do you want to kiss me now ? :heart_eyes: