Aburiya Raku - West Hollywood


Had a great meal at Raku this weekend. The food and especially the agedashi tofu was just as good as vegas. The service was a little slow but I expect that to improve in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to try more of the menu.


update 1

The kanpachi was so fresh it signed an endorsement deal with febreze


Pork cheeks

Pig intestines

Agedashi tofu

Beef tendon

Kanpachi kama

Foie gras egg custard

update 2
Adding this from the weekend thread

Sea robin sashimi

Enoki wrapped bacon

Teba wing :chicken:


Pig ears :pig2: :ear:

Pig cheeks

Pig ribs


Kobe bryant with garlic :cow2:

Fries with eyes :fries: :eyes:

Fried sea robin :fish:
The fish was so fried it made snoop dogg look sober.

update 3
Stopped by for a late night snack, you can’t beat raku if you happen to be hungry at 1am. I’ll have to come back for the soba and chawanmushi.

update 4


Ken salad

Sea bream sashimi

Agedashi tofu

Chicken thigh

Chicken wing

Chicken breast wrapped with skin

Pork cheek

Fried sea bream


Iberico pork

Foie gras custard

Bowl of uni, just because

Kobe filet, so hot al gore is using it as evidence for global warming

Green tea soba

Fluffy cheesecake

update 5

Daily special oyster

Shima aji, outstanding. Chef Matt is killing it.

Grilled salmon belly, highlight of the night, crispy fatty, smoky and just melts in your mouth.

Pork cheeks and iberico pork, so porky it started stuttering :pig:

Portobello stuffed with asajime ground chicken

Deep fried asajime chicken

Teba wing

Agedashi tofu

Foie gras, the skewers helped me shove this down my throat.

Udon with foie gras egg custard

update 6

update 7

update 8

update 9

update 10


And for some reason i can only post one picture at a time




This is the new place at 521 N La Cienega Blvd?


Yes the new location of the Vegas raku


When you say service is slow? How slow is it compared to the Vegas location, because in Vegas its notoriously known for being slow.


Thanks porkbelly!

Looks delish. Do you have their contact info? I’d love to try getting reservations soon.


Their number is (213) 308-9393 but it kept going to VM the first few days they were open so I just showed up on Friday and grabbed a seat at the counter.


Service was slower than Vegas, but I give them a pass since they’ve only been open for less than a week. The food however is still outstanding.


I live four/five blocks away. I went two nights ago. Although it took me almost an hour and a half to get a seat, and almost two and a half hours to complete my meal, I kinda sorta wanna walk back over there again tonight.


What time did you go?


I walked over around 7 to put my name down. I went home, came back, and was seated around 8:45. Ordered five dishes around 9:05. First dish at 9:20. Last dish served at 10:45. Yay for time stamped photos!


Went last night. Waited around half an hour. Service was slowwwww - meal took 3 hours, from 7-10pm, but otherwise was good. Food was on par with the Vegas one, which is all we can ask for really. Full menu was available, though it sounded like stuff started to run out around 9pm. Will definitely be back, and often.


Cool chris. what were your fav dishes?


Here’s what I got last night, that I usually order on my visits (to the Vegas one):

Tofu, both agedashi and cold

Foie chawanmushi

Skewers: pork cheek, beef, beef tendon, tsukune (w/ poached egg on side to dip), foie. Really can’t go wrong here. At all.

Daily special sashimi - had the bluefin tuna, which they usually have (served with wasabi as well as soy-marinated kombu and pickled chrysanthemum leaves - nice play on soy and pickled ginger). They also had kanpachi and another variety last night. For some of the varieties they usually do the sashimi two ways - sliced and chopped (like namero).

Daily special fish, grilled and fried - had the inada. Half of the fish was grilled over binchotan, and the other half was fried and served agedashi-style with king mushrooms (the mushrooms were surprisingly awesome). Forgot which other variety they had last night, but they usually have multiple varieties of this as well.


Need to try the off-menu kamameshi as well - looked awesome.


dude, that’s a lot of heart just to eat some tofu and skewers. i would’ve said “F” this and gotten a bowl of Tatsu.


Thanx chris! made a note to try those when I get a chance to visit.


I know. I was giving myself a funny look as I typed this. At least I got to chill out at home until they were ready to seat me, sort of. Like @chrishei, I see myself returning.