Acquired any new cookbooks lately?


I recently received Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Food Lab, but I’ve only dipped my toe into Maangchi’s cookbook. Instead of referring to cookbooks, I usually gather recipes from food magazines, The Guardian and NY Times newspapers, blogs, and YouTube cooking channels and input them into the Paprika Recipe Manager on my tablet. It’s a very easy process. If I really like a recipe from a cookbook, I’ll transcribe it into Paprika, which I’m usually too lazy to do. The great thing about this app is that you can scale recipes, make notes and alterations, construct menus, and create shopping lists. And it’s so helpful to have everything in one central location. Do any of you find yourselves gravitating more towards cooking apps?


I do also . Except I write these on pieces of note paper , rather than use a app. I used to watch Great Chefs watching techniques and recipes being prepared before the internet was around and scribble notes on paper . I still like doing it .


No… But I will now. That seems like a cool app. Living in an older house, there’s not a lot of closet & storage space.

I have recipes all over the place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I have traditional cookbooks, cookbooks downloaded on my pad, recipes in a folder on my pad, binders with recipes printed from the internet and my own cookbook with handwritten & magazine cut outs, most before the internet, like Emglow101.

I think you & I have discussed Maangchi before. I’m tempted to buy it, but her website is so good. Looking forward to seeing what recipes you cook. No pressure :relaxed:.


I use mostly online recipes and like browsing for inspiration even if I don’t follow a recipe exactly. I haven’t tried any apps. However, I prefer cookbooks when trying to master something. I usually check a book out from the library, then cook at least three recipes from it before committing to actually buying it.

I don’t like clutter, so the few books I own tend to be about technique or a specific cuisine, for example Ruhlman’s Twenty and James Peterson’s Sauces. Two of my favorites are Washoku by Elizabeth Andoh and The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. You can’t get that kind of depth from the Internet or magazines.

I’m ordering Nancy Silverton’s Mozza. We did it as a CH Cookbook of the Month and I learned a lot from it. First cookbook I’ve bought since I can remember. Most of my books are gifts from a good friend that has excellent taste and knows what I like.


Dream rooms + a ‘Dobby’ equivalent to help organize all my recipe cutouts and notes.

The app sounds great, will have to check it out


Good post. I miss the cookbook thread at CH.

[quote=“Bookwich, post:44, topic:203”]
Most of my books are gifts from a good friend that has excellent taste and knows what I like.
[/quote]Me too.


Oh wow… A book lovers dream room!


That’s just about the only reason I visit the site anymore.


I got 101 Easy Asian Recipes from the library and renewed it twice, but didn’t cook from it either. Which is weird because I have most of the ingredients needed and I really liked the sound of the recipes.

It’s been kind of hot, though, so I’ll probably check it out again when the weather cools. And when I finally get a wok. Gawd, I hate shopping for stuff like that. Too many choices and too much advice.


Best wok, look for the one made in Japan. Old school carbon steel variety in Monterey Park.


Yeah, I’m a real big fan of Paprika. It really helps keep me organized. Like you, I have recipes in the far reaches of my house. There’s a file cabinet full of them, my cookbook collection, and old recipes that are organized in various folders online.

Yeah, I do believe we talked about Maangchi. I do love that her recipes always work. I’ll have to get cracking!


I do agree that taking written notes really helps to cement ideas.


I do love cookbooks and have a pretty decent collection. Back in the day, there’d always be a stack of cookbooks by my dresser, and I’d delve into them before going to bed. But I find myself gravitating towards the Paprika app because it really keeps me organized.

Washoku and the Mozza are great cookbooks. I’ve used both of those quite a bit in the past - as well as the Lucques cookbook, which I think is a classic.


Oh, good to know about Lucques, I’ll check it out.


[quote=“Bookwich, post:49, topic:203”]
It’s been kind of hot
[/quote]Yes… I do more cooking in the fall/winter. We’ve been eating so much take-out, I won’t have to buy napkins for months.


[quote=“MaladyNelson, post:53, topic:203”]
Back in the day, there’d always be a stack of cookbooks by my dresser
[/quote]Me too! I used to think I was weird. But I took a Thomas Keller cooking class, and the chef/instructor mentioned she kept cookbooks by her bed :blush:.


We decided to categorize our Christmas gifts this year so that we each got each other comparable thingz. One of the categories was cookbooks.

I got the Mozza At Home book, which I’m very happy with. I can’t recall what, if any, recipes I’ve made from it yet (although I have been eyeing making this chop salad recipe for a bit.) -

And I gifted A Modern Way to Cook: 150+ Vegetarian Recipes for Quick, Flavor-Packed Meals. Trying to eat less meat this year, and I saw this on the KCRW blog, I think. So far it’s been awesome. Everything we’ve made (ginger beet/carrot soba noodles, corn chowder with maple coconut shavings, cauliflower rice with spiced cashews) has been interesting and satisfying. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for new vegetarian recipes. -

BONUS: Kinda joke, kinda not, we got Ina Garten’s Cooking For Jeffrey. Ironically, in the appendix there is a list of all of Jeffrey’s favorite recipes… which are all found in her other cookbooks. Oops. @TheCookie may be interested in this one : ) -


May be interested? :blush:

Pages like this are one of the things I like about the books.

I bet the Jeffrey book has a lot of chicken recipes :blush:.



Oh wow!

Winner winner dinner chicken!