Acquired any new cookbooks lately?


I WANT BLUE RICE!!! That’s all looks wonderful! Thanks, s.


Color comes from Butterfly pea flower


That’s insanely wonderful! Blue rice. How fantastic.


Thanks for reviving this thread!

Not nearly as cultured as your recent reading, but I’ve been getting some pretty solid stuff out of the Healthyish cookbook:

It has a good range for peep with different dietary tracks.

I also found a lot of worth in reading through Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat recently:

Really helped put a lot of theory in a clear, practical way. So well that even a bunk homecook like me can understand.

P.S. Anyone else renting cookbooks from the library? It’s pretty legit. I would love to hoard them all, but cost and space saving-wise, I would highly recommend using and abusing your local library for cookbooks.


Our libraries are poor and non-fiction gets short shrift. I purged some cookbooks a few months ago and donated to the library. They were ecstatic.


try using purple cabbage–it would be much, much, cheaper. boil a few leaves, discard, then only use the water. use that for anything you want blue. anything you want pink for the gram (aka unicorn) hit with some acid.


I use the Libby iPhone app to read ebooks from the LAPL. It’s super convenient and saves space. All you need is your library card. Currently reading the Guerrilla Tacos cookbook and I’m on the waiting lists for Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and BraveTart.


wow, great suggestion! just downloaded. you can also login to multiple libaries and access different collections. Just borrowed bravetart and gjlina.


Yup! I forgot to mention that. :sweat_smile: