Acquired any new cookbooks lately?


Great info. Thanks.


Me too. I bought a small, inexpensive Asus 2-in-1 to download recipes and cookbooks.




I rarely use flour that needs the precision of weighing but when I do it’s always metric. Like Asian dough recipes. Maybe I’ll bake some day :slight_smile:



Loved this! I especially loved her bit about the doctors office :rofl:


Just received the “Bestia” cookbook. It appears to be excellent, and has the recipe for the spinach gnochetti with roasted marrow bones. I know what will be cooking this weekend!


I really like it as well. Really gives you a sense of the place


Just acquired “Cooking South of the Clouds”. Beautifully written and photographed about the food of Yunnan province. Recipes are quite simple; I believe they are largely home cooking, but look wonderful. Highly recommend it. Yunnan is now on my bucket list.