Air Fryers - Any Tips or Recs?


My Mom asked me recently if I knew anything about air fryers. Which really is code for “Can you get me an air fryer?” Since I don’t know much about this, can anyone offer recommendations on which models might be good or things to consider before purchasing? I think the only thing she asked was that it be big as she is looking to try recipes for large pieces of meat (i.e. pork belly, certain roasts, etc.).
Many thanks!


Here’s some current info from Andrea Nguyen:

What I’d like to know is could I get rid of my toaster oven which has never been all that great. Thanks for starting this thread. I hope people give their info and opinions.


The Cuisinart TOA-60 claims to work as a toaster oven, convention oven, and air fryer.


I have the Phillips air fryer XL. We use it all the time. There wasn’t the XXL model available when I bought mine, otherwise I would have gotten that size.


@boogiebaby is your model easy to use and clean?


$200!!! I think I can live without it.


We just did a good sized pompano last night. Very easy simple prep, salt/pepper and drizzle oil. Fish came out tender and juicy per usual.

Pop the cooking tray in the dishwasher, no fuss, no muss.


The Philips XXL is $300.


@Google_Gourmet Which model do you have? It looks rather different than the Phillips. Thanks for commenting on ease of use and cleaning…that’s something that my Mom will be interested in.


It’s a Delonghi, the larger model. I think it cost about $200.


There are advertisements on television for air fryers. Maybe Ronco about 20 yrs ago, today nuWave?

They are convection ovens, some are round, some are the size of countertop microwave ovens. I have a Farberware at home, maybe 20 years old, and an Oyster at the cabin, maybe 10 yrs old. I recommend both of those, but doubt they are available.

Does your Mom want something she saw on tv? If not, I recommend a Breville. If it something she saw on tv, it was probably a cooking commercial, with techniques and recipe.


Yes! It’s dishwasher safe, so I just pop it in the top rack. Sometimes, it’s not mess or dirty at all, so I dont even bother washing it. French fries are example.


Wow, apparently I should have let the wine wear off before writing that response!:joy:


Ha! I understood the gist of it…and maybe thought your autocorrect had a mind of it’s own…mine does, at times.