All About Campfire Cooking


I’m a little late to the game, but here goes:
I both backpack and kayak camp, and my approach is very different to both. Obviously when backpacking weight and space are premium. My stove of choice is the Jetboil Mighty Mo. It has incredible simmer control. For pots I use Sea to Summit’s collapsible pots. As even the best freeze-dried food is pretty awful I purchased a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer and make my own backpacking meals. Thanks to “Koreatown, A Cookbook” I have discovered the world of gourmet dried ramen and have been bringing some of that lately.
Kayak camping is akin to car camping in that weight is not an issue although space is. Almost every year my friends and I do two Utah trips, one to the Green River, and one to Lake Powell. First night is steak, then moving on to stews and soups I have made ahead of time. The end of the trip, when the cooler is no longer cold I do a pasta - either tuna pasta with capers, or J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s stovetop mac and cheese, Besides the Jetboil when kayak camping I have a collapsible grill and a firepan (required in Utah) for grilling. One of my favorite things to make is grilled pizza. I use an inexpensive vegetable grilling pan for that. The following pictures are from a Lake Powell trip.

Mise en place

First side browning

Loading the dough

I use a frying pan to cover the dough and melt the cheese. The next pie is in the green plate. Keeping sand out of food at Lake Powell requires great care.

The finished product.

It got cold the next morning. Visible in this shot is the Jetboil stove, the collapsible pots, folding tables and chairs, and, very important, Platypus wine carriers (from the night before).
I hope this helps!
Added a few atmosphere pics to illustrate why I love kayaking so much. First is on the Green River. We use open boats on it as it is much easier to land on a swift river than a traditional kayak. You can see the ice chest in front of me. Second is Lake Powell.