Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta


Hi @Bigmouth,

Yay! So glad you liked it. :slight_smile: You should try it fresh once as well.


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

It’s not really “bad” like the usual places! At least you know with Gjusta you’re not getting bad, chemical / partially-hydrogenated breads and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: And they make their own charcuterie from scratch, along with farmers market fresh veggies inside of that amazing Italian Sandwich! :wink:


That sandwich looks amazing. $15 is expensive but I imagine its very much worth it with the price based on the quality of the meats, breads and veggies. Gjusta is a place where you kind of need to go with like 4-6 people so you can order a bunch of items and split them. I was by myself the last 2 times and its excruciating trying to figure out what to order. $40 later and 2 entrees later (maybe a dessert) I was too full to eat dinner.


Prime rib butcher

I have a hard time not ordering it.


I do that too. Last time I got chicken soup, Brussels sprout and tomato pizza, okra and cherry tomato salad, broccolini, and a lemonade, and I really, really wanted a smoked trout bagel, so I got one to go. Then I slurped down the lemonade so fast I got full and only took like 5 bites of food and had to ask for to-go containers. So embarrassing. Gjusta brings out the greedy, little hedonist in me.


Hi @Bookwich,

Me, too! LOL. :sweat_smile: Sometimes I dash in for a quick bite, order something (or two) from the salad case, Ginger Lemonade, then I have to get a sandwich… but then I look at the smoked seafood case and… sigh. :smile:


If you don’t count the sodium and saturated fat, it’s not bad at all. :wink:


Very true. :slight_smile: But then that gives us an excuse to go back to Gjusta and order their amazing Veggie Sandwich or Falafel Sandwich on the next visit! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Italian sub, falafel sandwich and veggie sandwich. How many places in the world can one get these three of this quality?


Just a heads-up. Power in the area around Gjusta has been out twice since Sunday. Gjusta actually had to close early on Monday because of this. The power is up again but the outage had delayed a fair amount of their operations.

Things seem to be getting back online again, but if you have your heart set on something specific at any Gjelina-related eatery, it’s best to call and confirm.


Tried the Italian again last night and you’re right – it’s even better fresh! The bread has a wonderfully crisp exterior, while the escarole provides the perfect fresh veggie crunch. I think this has dethroned the porchetta melt and prime rib butcher as my favorite sandwich at Gjusta.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Nice! You finally got the Italian and tried it fresh. :smile: Isn’t it so delicious? :slight_smile:


Woke up late, convinced E. he wanted to drive me to Gjusta.

Coffee, so strong. I love the handleless mug trend.

My everything bagel with lox, capers and lots of tomatoes. What’s left to say that hasn’t been already said? It came on a pretty pewter plate, everyone else’s plates were white. I win. :wink:

And E. paid $15 for a Rueben (choice is turkey or pastrami, yeah, he went with pastrami). :slight_smile:

I tried some pastrami, and it was so meltingly tender! But salty as heck, maybe just the bit I had? I also tasted the sauerkraut, bright and vinegary, with big chunks of cabbage instead of shreds. Excellent sauerkraut.

E. said of his sandwich, “It’s good,” but after I told him Travis Lett runs it, he looked around more appraisingly, and was impressed that everything is made in-house and how well front and back service hums along.

I want to go back now; stuffed cabbage for me, please.


Hi @Bookwich,

Nice! Their Lox is great. Have you tried their other smoked fish yet? If not, try their Smoked Kanpachi or Yellowtail if they have it, Salmon Belly, their Sardines and most of their seafood case. :slight_smile:

And yah, I felt their Pastrami was a bit too salty for me. For something lighter, their Veggie Sandwich (sounds boring, but it is SO GOOD! Really satisfying, tasty), Tuna Conserva, Prime Rib Butcher or Turkey Butcher Sandwiches, Falafel Sandwich, and most of the menu. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had the smoked trout and keep wanting to try a fish other than lox and trout, but I love them so much. I suppose I!ll have to wait until I’ve had my fill and my eye begins to wander. :wink:


The smoked fish plate is your answer. Get the large - you will love it. And you can have your two favorites plus at least one more choice.


Hi @Bookwich,

What @bulavinaka said. :slight_smile:

You can order a Small or Large Fish Plate sampler, and you can choose the fish / seafood that you want. :slight_smile:



(Cross-posting the French Dip journey visit to Gjusta)

We decided to finish up this journey by stopping by Gjusta. This Sandwich Guru (and amazing Bakery, and ridiculous Smoked Seafood specialist) doesn’t actually have a “French Dip” on the menu, but I was reminded of an old favorite of ours.

Sparkling Ginger Lemonade:

I needed some respite from the insanity of these Sandwiches. Their Housemade, fresh-ground Ginger Lemonade is so refreshing! :slight_smile: Perfect interlude before…

Aspen Ridge Prime Rib Butcher Sandwich (on Housemade Baguette, Horseradish):

If we’re talking about Prime Rib in a Sandwich, might as well go back to the standard-bearer: Supremely tender, juicy cuts of Prime Rib Beef. Perfect medium-rare, and doused in its own Prime Rib juices, topped with fresh-grated Horseradish!

This was ridiculously delicious! :heart:

It is SO GOOD! Their fresh-baked Baguette is crunchy and sturdy on the outside, with a pillowy center to soak up the Prime Rib’s juices.

Huge thanks to @CiaoBob again for introducing this to us! Simply legendary. :slight_smile:

Oh! Almost forgot: Gjusta has finally added Bar Stools for their entire inside bar! No more standing to eat at the bar area. Yay! :slight_smile:


Gorgeous photos. And I like standing while I eat there. The counter is the perfect height for me.


The weather’s been on the cooler side lately. Soup sounded good, so I tried the pozole - WOW! Full of flavors, lots of pork, garnished with radishes and cilantro. I would have liked more hominy, but the hominy in there was big and just toothsome. It’s Blanco (as opposed to Verde or rojo), but I thought the flavors were perfect - nice fresh squeeze of lime before it’s served.

I never tried the.roast chicken at Gjusta - it’s not very noticeable on the menu nor in the case above amd behind the counter. Gjusta has two birds - chile rub or more traditional herb rub. I ordered the herb cold and warmed it in the oven at home. Verdict: it’s a keeper. The skin wasn’t crisp - this could be my fail - but it is definitely one of the better roast birds I’ve had recently.

Some fingerling potatoes were stuck on the bottom of the bird - if I don’t, someone needs to ask about those potatoes. With the bird roasting on top, the potatoes were incredibly rich with the flavors from the chicken, and were slightly crisp. What a wonderful surprise!