Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta


Oh, right. I forgot.

He actually even said, “I guess I’ll have to get the $16 prime rib next time.” I’ve been telling him that since the first time we went, based on your recommendation!


fucking worth it


I have a very hard time not ordering the prime rib.


Gjusta masters, if I need smoked fish and a prime rib butcher in my life, but also need to bring a dog, where’s the closest place to have a de facto picnic, or any other strategy you can recommend?


Knee jerk response would be somewhere in SaMo, but the city can be very strict about dogs in parks and dogs licensed outside of SaMo being at their dog parks - at least they used to be when we had dogs.

There is a small park off of Ruth, Dewey and Ozone that is on the SaMo/Venice border (in SaMo) that is quiet and surrounded by residences. It’s off the beaten path and about 5-6 blocks from Gjusta. Moms/nanny-types with toddlers are the usual visitors. All public areas around here might have homeless folks, but they are normally not an issue. You can usually find street parking within a block of the park. Always read the parking restriction signs when in SaMo and Venice.

Oakwood park in Venice has tree-shaded benches at the north end of the park. It can be quiet at the park, but depending on the time, the benches can be almost fully occupied by the OG residents. Theyre harmless, but it can get loud and crowded. Alternatively, Penmar park is relatively huge and normally underused, depending on what day and time.

Venice Beach is far too crowded. The beach along the “ABC” streets has a fraction of the crowds, but parking can be challenging beyond the lot at the Venice pier area or the meter parking by the harbor entrance. You can find street parking along Pacific Ave, but it’s all luck.

Burton Chase park in MdR is right on the harbor at the end of Mindanao Way. Like all other parks, depending on the time and day, it can be easily accessed and pleasant. Lots of tables and grassy knolls. Meter parking is somewhat limited.

Playa Vista is very dog friendly, has lots of parks, open grassy areas and dog parks, but it’s pretty far from Gjusta. The large park area that is east of Campus Drive is off-limits to dogs. Just about all other areas including the trail and fire road.along the hill are open to dogs.



Appetizer smoked fish plate
Side of veggies
Main prime rib sandwich
Dessert carrot cake

To go: chili hummus

Strategy for de facto picnic:

I would plop myself right in front of Gjusta on their benches.


Venice also has what are called, “walk streets.” Think of a sidewalk replacing a street. Nowita, Marco, Amoroso and Crescent make up about 10 blocks in Venice. Almost each block has a tiny “island” in the middle of the blocks. One of them - I can’t remember which - has two semi-circular benches, a little spot of peace and solitude.

At Crescent Place and Shell Ave, there’s a triangular patch of lawn, about the size of a large front yard. It is almost never used, except by moms and toddlers. The surrounding homes’ trees will offer shade at different times.

These walk streets are a nice place to walk your dog because one doesn’t have to worry about traffic. Almost all front yards are fenced in, so your dog can only go forward or back. And because no cars are around, it’s peaceful, and the many of the homes are interesting as well.

Lincoln Place Apartments on Frederick (behind the Ralph’s and Rite Aid on Lincoln), Lake, Elkgrove, and a few other streets is a multi-block very dog-friendly well-maintained apartment complex whose property is not secured. BBQ grills and tables are available throughout various parts of the property. I don’t recall seeing “no trespassing” signs, and it is peaceful and very accessible around there. Elkgrove Circle is where many dogs and owners congregate - it’s a cul-de-sac that’s been converted into a large circular patch of lawn. There are a few benches, and at least one of those BBQ picnic areas. It may be worth a look as well.


Thanks for the report back on the Sauerkraut Empanada. Bummer about that.

For your carnivore friend, yes, definitely Prime Rib Butcher. Porchetta Sandwich. Turkey Butcher. Their Rotisserie Chicken (Half) is more than enough food and absolutely delicious (3 different types of housemade sauces). Their Breakfast Sandwiches are great as well. :slight_smile:


Update 10:

With Thanksgiving DOTM, I knew a stop at Gjusta was in order. :wink:

Their rotating Salads featured some interesting ones today:

Okinawan Sweet Potato Salad:

Paging @bulavinaka @MaladyNelson. Gjusta has made a new Okinawan Sweet Potato Salad! First off, the Okinawan Sweet Potatoes were cooked just right, long enough to create this really deep sweet, caramelized taste! Besides being gorgeous to look at, they had a Yogurt & Chives Dressing that really balanced out the sweetness of the Okinawan Sweet Potato.

And just in time for Thanksgiving dish of the month theme. :wink:

Walnut & Dandelion Mixed Green Salad:

We loved their new Walnut & Dandelion Mixed Greens Salad. The Dandelion Greens have a nice spicy but bitter taste to them, which is refreshingly standout, mixed with a Balsamic Dressing, Roasted Walnuts, and Aged Provolone. Great salad! :slight_smile:

Roast Turkey Butcher (with Au Jus):

Imagine the purity and total focus of what “Roasted Turkey” should be, distilled down to a single bite, and you have Gjusta’s amazing Roast Turkey Butcher Sandwich.

It is just as astounding as the last time we had it, and easily the best Turkey dish we’ve had this year so far. :slight_smile: Juicy, moist, tender slices of Turkey (lean and fatty sections) layered beautifully on their freshly baked Housemade Baguette Bread, which has a unique crunch on the outside with a pillowy soft interior.

Considering that they fresh roast their Turkey daily, this isn’t some pre-processed, bland, soulless “Turkey Breast” found at most Sandwich shops. This is really Fresh Roasted Turkey.

A drizzle of Olive Oil and then the Turkey Au Jus served on the side to dip the Sandwich in:

WOW! You have the ultimate Turkey Sandwich that puts to shame every other Turkey Sandwich we’ve ever tried. It is really that amazing! :heart:

Their Turkey Au Jus is like pure Turkey Broth, clean and full of Turkey essence and flavor!

Chocolate, Espresso, Almond Cookie:

We picked up a few for friends, and decided to try one as well. This is a good Cookie, Dark Chocolate dominates the flavor with barely a hint of Espresso (I wished there was more), with a nice crunch and back notes from the Almonds.

Marie de Choirga Pumpkin Pie:

Gjusta delivers so much goodness already, we had to see how their new seasonal Pumpkin Pie was (that’s 3 Thanksgiving-themed dishes for DOTM on this visit! ;)).

Their Marie de Choirga Pumpkin Pie was quite tasty! :slight_smile: One of the best Pumpkin Pies we’ve had in recent memory, but note that we don’t really eat Pumpkin Pie that often.

It was creamy, nice Pumpkin flavor, Cloves and a balanced sweetness. I love their Carrot Cake more, but that is legendary. :wink: Still a great Pumpkin Pie.

320 Sunset Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
Tel: (310) 314-0320


The Pozole at Gjusta is a fascinating, and honest take on the homey Mexican dish. The standard mole verde gives it a pleasant zip, but if you get some of their fermented chili hot sauce on the side it adds some fiery zip and tang that is the closest thing I’ve tried in the US to the table sauce at La Casa de Toño in Mexico City. What appears to be heirloom corn hominy also adds a more earthy flavor that is exceptionally pleasant. However, the addition of incredible grilled sourdough really makes it a worthwhile experience for me as I find soaking that buttery, slightly sour and oh-so-crusty bread in the warmth of the pozole to be a stunning gustatory indulgence. The pork should is also eminently delicate and sumptuous.

A shot to reveal the hominy and pork shoulder goodness:

Also, I’m happy that they are back to customizing juice if you like. Beet/ginger with a touch of orange is blissful accompaniment to the pozole, especially with some espresso to start the whole thing off.


What a great meal, @Chowseeker1999! The Okinawan sweet potato salad looks truly enticing. Plus that particular sweet potato contributes to the longevity of Okinawans, so you probably extended your life by eating that salad. :wink: The mixed greens salad and pumpkin pie look fab too. I need to visit Gjusta again soonish. Thanks for another wonderful review!


I think you need some koregusu to help extend your life!


Well probably goya too.


Thanks for the info on their new Pozole soup. Sounds amazing.


Thanks @MaladyNelson. Hope you get a chance to try the new Okinawan Sweet Potato Salad (and other dishes as well). :slight_smile:


You used to be able to take your dog on the patio through the back gate. I’ve taken my dog, but not recently. I’ve also sat on a milk crate in the parking lot with her, no one cared. Then walk to the beach.

I had a dandelion salad with hazelnuts and anchovy-lemon dressing when we had empanadas. So good! They have the best salads, and the one I had is in the cookbook. I love being able to taste something at Gjusta, so I know what I’m aiming for when cooking from the Gelina cookbook.


A good excuse to get some Xmas shopping done. Am I right?

From Gjusta’s Instagram account.

“Gjusta Goods - opening Tuesday, December 6th at 9am. 324A Sunset Ave.”


Wait, what? Are they making curios now?

They’re sorta like the Google of the culinary world…


I have no idea what they’re selling, but they have these weird Trump ashtrays…

Photo from Gjusta Goods’ Instagram account: