Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta


Maybe this is a dumb question, but:

Can I get the “rotisserie meats, available as a butcher sandwich” in the morning, before 11am? I know their menu says the “Gjusta sandwiches” are available from 11am-9pm. Has anyone had the Porchetta butcher for breakfast (followed by Salt and Straw), or is that a delicious yet bad idea right after waking up?


You can maybe get it as early 1045 but not any earlier.

For breakfast you won’t be disappointed with their bialy sandwiches.


Thank you. Will have get breakfast, then, bialy looks tasty.


Hi @BradFord,

Yah as @PorkyBelly said, their Bialy is excellent. Besides that if you look throughout this thread (or in the first post) you’ll see a lot of great Breakfast options as well (their Egg Sandwich, Risky Biscuit, Anchovy Toast, get a Smoked Fish Plate (so good! - see all the new Smoked Seafood options in their case offered that day) and more. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Chowseeker1999. I’ve been once, and had some delicious smoked trout. But my favorite was the oil-cured sardines on some of their house sourdough toast. I really appreciated how they drained the oil before weighing the sardines, then added fresh olive oil after weighing. Smoked seafood is definitely in order. Now about that carrot cake…


I believe you asked for some amazing Carrot Cake? :wink:

Oh! And don’t forget their amazing Multi-Grain Waffle. It is pretty fantastic with their Butter and Syrup, a nice outer crisped crunch, soft center. :slight_smile:


Now that’s some carrot cake. I suppose I should rephrase my question - is it acceptable to bring a bottle of bourbon (to go with that carrot cake and waffle) before 11am? If they have anything with good persimmons now, I’ll be a repeat visitor next week.


What the fuck is a Risky Biscuit?


Hi @CiaoBob,

LOL! I laughed when I read the menu item for the first time as well. :smile:

Risky Biscuit: Breakfast Sausage, Fried Egg, Cheddar, Harissa Ketchup.


The Food Channel remake of the Tom Cruise / Rebecca De Mornay classic. Soundtrack track by Tangerine Shortbread Dream.
Synopsis: Suburban parents of teenager with tons of dough aspire for their young cookie to attend the Culinary Institute of America, but then his unexpected encounter with hot crossed buns changes that recipe…


Update 11:

Since @CiaoBob was asking about the Risky Biscuit, I realized I never took a picture of this Breakfast item before. So I guess we were “forced” to go back to Gjusta and order another to show off this homage to the Tom Cruise movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Baklava Croissant:

Their normal Croissant is rather straightforward (nothing to write home about); one of the few things that Gjusta doesn’t excel at. But their Baklava Croissant is another thing entirely:

Flaky Croissant pastry, with a delicate, lightly sweet, nutty Baklava filling (and topping), a mix of Pistachio, Walnuts, Cinnamon and Sugar. It is wonderful. :slight_smile:

Sparkling Ginger Lemonade:

As refreshing, bracing and awesome as always! :smile: I love that fresh Ginger!

New Market Salad (S): Chidori & Green Kale Salad + Brussels Sprouts Cashew Salad -

The Chidori Kale (besides being gorgeously colored) adds a slight variation on the usual Green Kale flavor. It’s slightly more peppery. Gjusta’s version adds in Watermelon Radish and Anchovies, giving this a wonderful interplay of slightly bitter, peppery, rich vegetal notes, the brininess of Anchovies and the crispness of Watermelon Radish. It is another great Salad! :slight_smile:

Their new Sauteed Brussels Sprouts & Cashew Salad is just as interesting in a totally different flavor spectrum: Fragrant nuttiness from the Cashews, the Brussels Sprouts nicely seared and cooked through without being overcooked. A nice Balsamic touch. Delicious! :slight_smile:

Gjusta Huevos Rancheros (Beans, Greens, Tortilla, Fried Eggs and Cotija):

A new menu item, it is Gjusta’s take on the classic Huevos Rancheros. Imagine 2 Sunny Side Up Eggs, with the yolk still perfectly runny and luscious, mixed with a lightly spicy, vinegary Cannellini Beans and Gjusta’s own Ranchero Sauce, all on top of a crunchy Tortilla. It’s hearty, funky and fulfilling.

Risky Biscuit (Breakfast Sausage, Fried Egg, Cheddar, Harissa Ketchup):

And for @CiaoBob, this is the Risky Biscuit. :slight_smile: It starts with a wonderfully flaky, Housemade Biscuit, Gjusta’s own Housemade Italian Sausage, a nicely done Egg, gooey, wonderful melted Cheddar and then you get that Harissa Ketchup.

It is just an awesome Breakfast Sandwich, and just the most perfect type of Sausage Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich you wish other places had. It was delicious! :blush:

Pumpernickel Fudge Brownie:

And their Pumpernickel Fudge Brownie. It is just as luscious as before! A rich, deeply alluring Chocolate. It’s moist and completely the most decadent Chocolate dessert we’ve had in months. It is pretty fantastic. :heart:

320 Sunset Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
Tel: (310) 314-0320


I love their salads. Now I must go try the new kale salad. And the Brussels sprouts. I got the cookbook just for the salads.

And the lemonade! They need to sell it in giant mason jars instead of those weeny little glasses. :angry:


Thanks @Chowseeker1999
The poet in me would love to see ipsedixit gnawing a risky biscuit.


Had a great dinner at Gjusta last night. Weekday nights really are the sweet spot. It was probably my best experience there, after a string of some bummers.

The highlight was the special: Persimmons / Prosciutto / Burrata. I’m in a persimmons state of mind, man. And these were tits. Bright and soupy, and oh what a bite with the burrata / prosciutto / greens and grilled bread they give ya. Greatness.




No picture of the CARROT CAKE, but you know what it looks like, and it’s still great.


A Thing of Utter Beauty


Gorgeous pics and report. :slight_smile:

Love persimmons as well! :slight_smile:


The Tuna Conserva is different from every other tuna sandwich I’ve ever had. The focus on the pop of the tomatoes and zip of the olives with the crunch of the sprouts and the char and chew of the grilled bread all juxtaposed with an immensely luscious tuna that is more mellow and meaty than tuna usually seems to be in sandwiches produces a glorious sensation.


Glad you got to try the Tuna Conserva. One of my favorite sandwiches at Gjusta! :slight_smile:


Someone really wanted me to because they sold out of the Italian yesterday which is what I originally went for haha

But yeah, it’s a great sandwich; though I have Coe to expect nothing less of Gjusta sandwiches.


Update 12:

Rotating Market Salad: Watercress, Mustard Greens, Hemp Seed Dressing:

Wonderfully refreshing, the Watercress adds that unmistakable Spring-like vegetal note, with the Mustard Greens giving it just a touch of bitterness. :slight_smile:

French Onion Soup:

With the cooler weather, it’s great to see Gjusta expanding their Housemade Soup options. Their French Onion Soup uses a made-from-scratch Beef Bone Broth. Soft, melted-down Onions adds to the fragrant richness. The Gruyere is wonderfully melted and gooey / stretchy atop Housemade Bread. Nice and warming during these chilly days.

Smoked Fish Plate (S):

Smoked Whitefish:

This was great: Deeply smoky, flaky, tender Whitefish. Not too salty, and the smokiest of all the fish we tried today. Went fantastic with their Housemade Country Sourdough, and a bit of their pickled selection:

Gjusta had some great Pickled Sea Beans as part of the complimentary Pickled accompaniments to the Fish Plate:

Oil-Cured Sardines:

Meaty, wonderfully briny, little slivers of deliciousness! I love their Oil-Cured Sardines. :slight_smile:

Cold-Smoked Kanpachi:

It’s back! Gjusta’s amazing Cold-Smoked Kanpachi appeared again in the Smoked Seafood selection this week. Delicate, wonderfully supple Kanpachi, with this kiss of smokiness. Add a bit of the Pickled Red Onions and a nibble of their Toasted Housemade Country Sourdough and you have perfection! :blush:

Paging @PorkyBelly @MaladyNelson @bulavinaka @Bookwich @A5KOBE and the rest of the FTC Gjusta Club. :smile:

Italian Sandwich (Ciabatta, Sopressa, Mortadella, Ham, Chopped Escarole, Tomato, Pickled Peppers, Fontina, Aioli, Red Wine Vinegar):

With the recent sampling of other sandwiches, we had to try Gjusta’s Italian Sandwich again. It is as fantastic as it was the first time we had (when they just added it to the menu).

Their Housemade Mortadella and Ham are outstanding, not too salty, meaty, and then you get a bit of the Chopped Escarole, Pickled Peppers and Red Wine Vinegar. The Housemade Aioli and the Fontina add some creaminess and then you get their awesome fresh-baked Ciabatta Bread (made fresh, in-house daily): It’s got the toasted crunch, pillowy soft interior.

This is such a great Italian Sandwich! :heart:

We left saddened that we had no room for the amazing Carrot Cake. :cry: :smile:

320 Sunset Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
Tel: (310) 314-0320