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Gjusta Gjusta Gjusta


Glad you liked the hummus as I did. Truly amazing stuff.

I need to try that Paris Brest and lamb merguez. Sound right up my alley.


Eatin’ like a true champ! All hail @Chowseeker1999! :crown:


I’m not going to make any friends here, I know that. I’ve been sitting on this statement for about 2 years because I know how unpopular its going to make me… but…

I don’t like Gjusta.

Not at all.

Not even a little bit.

I’ve been more than six times. I’ve had the veggie sandwich, the falafel, the smoked fish, the tuna, the waffle, the breakfast pizza, the carrot cake, the huevos rancheros, and at least twelve salads, toasts, drinks, and desserts (I don’t eat meat, but do eat fish… yes, I know). I liked bits and pieces, but mostly I was frustrated and disappointed. I understand this makes me a philistine.

I feel like they lean to heavily on bitter elements like tahini, and cured/pickled elements. I always leave feeling like I’ve eaten too much salt and spent too much money.

I’m not going to say I hate it, but I will say that if I was forced to go with friends I’d probably order a few salads from the case and call it a day. I simply haven’t liked any of the menu items to order them again, and a few (the veggie sandwich and the falafel, to choose two standouts) were actually pretty unpleasant.

I feel like I’ve revealed a deep dark secret about myself. I’ll slink off and hide now.


Don’t feel bad at all.

At times, this board may feel like the Gjelina/Gjusta/Raku/Langer’s/etc. boosters club.

… But it’s not. And your voice weighs equally along with everyone else’s.

I’ve never even been to Gjusta.


Gjusta rates 3 1/2 * on yelp. This obviously indicates that on a relatively large rating base, many feel the same way as you about the place. No one is expecting you to follow in line with what many like here - a counterpoint is respected.

Now I think if you had said something to the effect of, “_______ sucks,” and worse - not qualifying it, your comments would have little if no respect.


Hi @Moomin,

No, no, there’s no need to “slink off”! That’s what makes FTC (and our old board) so much fun. Everyone has a unique palate and their own opinion. That’s why this is a discussion board and not just a… static “poll” or “petition” type situation where everyone has the same opinion. :slight_smile:

Definitely respect your feelings on Gjusta. I have friends who despise Providence (they seriously hate it). I happen to enjoy Providence, but we still talk and go visit other restaurants together. :slight_smile:

Just notice the threads on Pizza, and how people love or hate different places, swearing by some and hating others. In the end it’s all good.

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:


@Moomin’s a witch! Burn him!

Seriously, though, your comment does make me wonder how much I would love Gjusta if I weren’t a meat eater. I mean, I do love the veggies and salads more than you seem to. But the items that keep me coming back are the porchetta melt, chicken parm, Italian sub, prime rib, and brisket.


Same here. I just live vicariously through this thread.


Yeah, I know. And I do appreciate the support from everyone.

The thing is, I live nearby, and every time I see the gushy Gjusta posts, I feel like… Okay, I’ll walk on over and try it again. Then I go, and I feel like most of what I order walks the line between adequate (but hugely overpriced), and kinda gross.

I like some of what I’ve had at Gjelina, but again, mostly salads/veggie items… but there too I’ve felt like I could probably do just as well for half the price.

Mind you, there are other sacred cow places that leave me cold (like Guerrilla Tacos, which has the most exciting looking menus in town, but tends to skew toward bitter/bland/soft flavors and textures in my 5-6 experiences), so it might just be me.


Ooh I need to try that merguez sandwich. I’ve had the sausage as a plate at Gjelina and it was delicious.


Anyone know if it is the merguez baguette from when they first opened? that was one of my favorite sandwiches!


Hi @Moomin,

Gjusta, fine, but hatin’ on Guerilla Tacos?! That’s it! You’ve crossed the line. :stuck_out_tongue: (j/k!)

Seriously, it’s fine. Not everyone has to like every restaurant. I still don’t know why Jonathan Gold loves Eagle Rock’s Casa Bianca Pizza so much, but there’s something there he enjoys and others don’t. Everyone has different tastes. Post on. :slight_smile:


Hi @aaqjr,

Ooh! They had a Merguez Baguette when they first opened? Good to know. I tried asking about that, and the manager said they can’t 100% confirm (it was before their time), but thinks it might be, because they have a history of rotating in / out a few sandwiches over time.

Either way, we really loved their Merguez Baguette that’s on the menu right now. :slight_smile:


I’m surprised that just about anything that has a veggie or fruit doesn’t sing to you here. I might be biased but when I see the multiple trucks delivering fresh produce throughout the earlier part of the day, I start imagining Chef Lett pondering all the potential combinations he can consider with what ever the local farms have brought in.

The produce in Gjusta’s/Gjelina’s various dishes have a vibrancy that I really don’t associate with other places - at least not consistently - and Chef Lett is pretty much a wizard at working produce in ways that I’d personally never consider. Not all dishes are hits to me, but I often murmur to myself, “genius…”. Maybe his stuff just isn’t your cup of tea? I find it hard to criticize the quality or preparation - on the other hand, tastes will differ.


you’re safe here, Moomin. I agree about the heavy reliance on bitter / pickled elements. I just happened to really like those flavors, and find them a nice change from the fatty, meaty, cheesy and/or salty elements that so many of the restaurants in the hood use in a lot of their dishes, including vegetables. Actually, I agree that Gjusta can also be too heavy on the salt sometimes, but that’s my feeling about pretty much all restaurant food. And everything does feel about 20% too expensive, although I get that they’re using high quality ingredients and a lot of the dishes are deceptively labor intensive (I learned that from the Gjelina cookbook). But that’s why even though Gjusta is super convenient for me, it’s an occasional treat rather than a regular lunch spot.


Hi @bulavinaka,

Yah, my friends and I feel the same as what you describe. I try eating vegan when I can; I like M Cafe de Chaya, Cafe Gratitude, etc., and while some dishes at Gjusta might be saltier than others, I’m pretty sensitive to salt, and I don’t find Gjusta “too salty” at all.

There are multiple (rotating, always updating) Market Salads (that rotate out every few days) that we’ve found delicious, and compared to the Salads at, say, Whole Foods, Tender Greens, etc., they’re not even close.

Gjusta’s Veggie Sandwich is actually quite light, and I’ve enjoyed it far more than, say, Mendocino Farms’ various Vegan and Vegetarian Sandwiches. From the quality of the Housemade Breads (various kinds), to the balance of flavors in the Veggie Sandwich, it’s never been too salty or bitter, but that’s why everyone has their own unique palate. :slight_smile:


How I feel about LA / Intl. favorite Din Tai Fung, save the live nearby part.


Your dedication to continue eating at a place you dislike just to see if you might change your mind one day is admirable.

Not that you have to answer, but I’m kind of curious where you DO like eating?


Had a great lunch today–basic turkey sandwich and a chocolate chip espresso cookie. I couldn’t believe how insanely crowded it was. Pro tip for FTCers–you can order online to pick up at Chownow. It tells you when it will be ready. Walked right in, got my sandwich, and walked outside to eat.

You can’t get all of the salads doing this, but in my experience, if you’re already up at the register paying, they’ll let you add on.