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Does there need to be a reason why I don’t go somewhere?


“Take Out Bakery-No Seating”

Now serves up alcohol 12 feet away from residences. Good people at Gjusta huh? Clearly they have the community in mind.

“Fock Gjusta as a staff, record label, and crew. --take money!!—” Tupac Shakur “Hit Em Up”

I guess that’s why I also have not been here.

They are dbags.


If the DMV were filled w/ the most beautiful, toned, sun-kissed, tousled hair people in the world w/ just the right amount of facial hair…

@Moomin: I don’t think having a different opinion of a place is weird, esp when you explain what you don’t like about it (which you have). The posts that annoy me are the ones that are like, “It sucks!!! What do you all like about this place???”

I like Gjusta very much. The things that I don’t like aren’t quite directly food-related (cost, parking). It’s a bit of a special-occasion place for me (ambiance aside).

Well, to be fair to @Aesthete, you do seem to go to a lot of places are geographically pretty widespread, so you can’t blame someone for being curious about an omission (esp when it’s a place that gets mentioned often here).

Huh? I don’t really understand where this comment is coming from (I do not know the staff or owner of Gjelina). It’s not a bar. There are a lot of homeless people in the area (or there are everytime I go there). The homes in the area go for $1.5-3 mil, so it’s not like the homeowner there don’t have the means to move elsewhere. I don’t understand how Gjusta is a negative force in that community…


Because Gjusta is a “Take Out Bakery-No Seating” and are operating against that in violation.

ABC Guidelines I belive must be 100 feet away.

I would argue Gjusta has millions in backing, they could go anywhere, but they choose residential? They don’t seem to be good neighbors adding in noise, traffic, pollution, smell, and lack of parking.

From the get go they clearly are not a bakery with only bakery equipment for takeout only.



The closest residence on Sunset is 4-5 lots to the east - the resident is a rich celebrity who chose to live there and wall himself in. But the narrow alley separates the back of Gjusta from some apartments and cottages that are mostly Air B&B. I don’t think Gjusta is really impinging on residences in that neighborhood much at all. The residents in the 5-unit building at the other end of the block are often AT Gjusta.

Not sure where or why all the hate. The owner is kinda eccentric and doesn’t like be to told what to do. He’s lived in that neighborhood since at least the 90s and is self-made. So he has had a stake in this area and can claim full rights to provenance as much as most others. He hires lots of local folks and treats them fair. If his places are charging a premium for well-sourced well-made eats and eaters are willing to pay, I think he’s got a great thing going.


I don’t particularly care for the hipster-bashing that’s popular on these forums, and I didn’t suggest this was a “hipsters” vs. old people problem.

There’s room for improvement in the ordering/queuing system, and there’s no reason to have the pre-dining experience be anything less than optimized when they are charging the prices that they do. It would be different if there were an old-school mom-and-pop deli who’d been using the ticket-pull system for 50 years or whatever, but they’re not.

And I don’t buy the argument that because other places have awkward ordering systems, that somehow makes it OK for Gjusta to also do so.

But I’m a relentless optimizer, and in my own work, prioritize my clients’ ease-of-use. So yeah, I agree I’m probably being extreme.

Anyway, I don’t want to party-poop or derail what is mostly a celebratory thread about what Gjusta gets right.

I have that fish platter on my hit list this week!


You’re wicked, and I like you. :imp:


Personality is not an excuse to operate illegally.

Do you live in the neighborhood? I think that changes on how you would feel about the place.

Anyways, Chowseeker is one of my favorite posters here, my posts were off topic and disruptive. So I am going to agree that we disagree.


Like @paranoidgarliclover said, you just seem to get around a lot, and you usually seem to stop by practically everywhere.

I was just wondering if there was a specific dislike of Gjusta, or something.

Philosophically speaking I would say a reason exists for everything, but of course you’re not forced into sharing the reason, it was just a slight curiosity. :slight_smile:


No specific dislike - Just haven’t gotten around to going to Gjusta…

(I WISH I could stop by practically everywhere - Can you imagine the amount of content we’d have on this board?!)


If they’re in violation, then report them. Not sure where you got the idea that they serve alcohol too - alt-facts? That lower photo is dated - you’re obviously going for some alt-reality. They have actual tables and chairs now, as seen in the upper photo. Report them. I rarely eat there now anyway - almost always to-go as their original concept was - no loss for me. Like GTA, in the beginning, customers hung out around the eatery to eat, so the milk crates appeared. If eaters opt to use them, so be it.

I live about 10 minutes away but work in the area - totally unrelated work-wise. Not sure what you’re getting at calling me out saying my views would be biased or clouded. I call them as I see them. You’re the one making baseless accusations - alcohol? Where? I know Gjusta ha been attempting to get a beer & wine, but that’s been in the works since day -1. Will it happen? Don’t care either way. I have all the beer and wine I want at home. You can cut the gangsta crap - it offers no cred. Almost all the gangstas have left this 'hood.


I’m sorry you feel that way.

I got to head in for my night shift so I really have no time for a longer response. Good night and happy eating.


Personality is not an excuse to operate illegally.

I eagerly await your anti-trompo posts.


Yeah I’ll freely admit to being a Gjusta defender (and I do know the owners albeit only casually), but unless something has changed in the last week they’re not serving alcohol. As you said, they’ve been trying to get a beer and wine license since they opened but who knows if that’ll ever get through. Along the same lines, they have gone through the permit process for indoor and outdoor seating. As a practical matter, they’ve got too much at stake with the growing Gjelina / Gjusta empire to risk flagrant violations.


Just responding to your statements. Don’t act, be or feel sorry. All’s good. If someone lays something out there, and I feel I need to respond, I will.

I’ve been associated relatively closely in many ways to this area since the early/mid 70s. One gets to know a lot of people in that amount of time. And Venice operates in a lot of ways like a small town. A lot of people know or at least know of each other. So I sometimes get to know and understand a fair amount of what’s going on around here.


I think they got burned pretty bad with that property on Abbot Kinney near Santa Clara. The architect said that despite being warned, the owner decided to to do certain things his way, and the inspectors came down hard. That’s at least in part why that building still sits empty.

The concept was supposed to be a more affordable bakery/cafe or something like that. No idea what it will eventually be.


i am so sick of politics being bandied about on this food board. if i read one more b.s. rant about the pres…
oh. you said TROMPO. oops

never mind.

emily litella


Make America Great Al Pastor


Oh, no hipster hate intended. I quite agree it’s a term that gets abused here and elsewhere. But you did mention “older folks” and most of the people who complain about Gjusta in the terms you did see it as the height of hipsterdom. Sorry if I put words in your mouth.

Regardless, my point is nobody is deliberately trying to make the customer “work for it.” Negligence? Sure. But I see no indication of bad faith in their decision to use numbered tickets just like every other deli since the beginning of time.

Fair enough. But do you criticize those other places with equal vehemence? Do you interpret their use of numbered tickets as indication of some conspiracy to deliberately confuse customers? I’m not saying Gjusta is above criticism – far from it. I just feel like you’re holding them to a different standard.


I’ll freely admit that I don’t read every thread update as it has happened, but I don’t feel like I’ve read a ton of stuff about the pres specifically. I feel like people have been pretty civil about politics here.

Thankfully, the few boards I’m on in general have been quite civil about this…