Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta




it was a joke.

i’ll work on my delivery.

reid fleming, world’s toughest milkman


Huh, I hadn’t heard the story behind the delays at that location. It certainly hasn’t looked like any progress was happening for a long time.


My current favorite Gjusta obsession is their fucking Mostarda. Absolutely fantastic on sandwiches.
We put it out for an “EaseOver” party this weekend and the guests could not stop raving about it.
Christ that place does things right.


Hi @CiaoBob,

Wow, I can’t wait to try this! :slight_smile: Thanks for the rec.


I am headed to Gjusta tomorrow night–anything new that anyone has tried lately that is worth going out of my way for? I love the classics and it’s hard to veer from them, but just thought I would ask.


Nice @Haeldaur. Hope you have a good meal. :slight_smile:

The 2 new items I had recently were documented earlier (their Merguez Sandwich and the awesome Chili Hummus (in their takeout refrigerated case).

Have you tried most of the regular Sandwiches, Smoked Seafood selection and things like their Roast Chicken already?


They did have cold-smoked kampachi last week - excellent.

I think @Chowseeker1999 reported in their merguez sausage sandwich. I veered toward the (f-in’) prime reeb instead - habit learned from those f-in’ prime reeb cultists.

Keep an eye on the dessert case. I swooped in on my last visit - saw some UFOs (Unidentified Fine Objects) as I zipped past that case (didn’t want to walk slowly by and get tangled in the temptation). Galette? Berry cheesecake? Some other fine-looking “sheet”?


Merguez sounds great. Usually hard for me to skip the prime rib/turkey but that sounds worth trying. Is it similar in flavor profile to the falafel in terms of the herbs/sauce?


I don’t know - I didn’t try it. But I think @Chowseeker1999 did. I alternate between less-disciplined and more-disciplined ordering on every other visit. The next visit is less-disciplined.


fairly similar - if not the same - but the spicy merguez makes it a very different sandwich


I mentioned the take-out Mostarda above. Get it. Fucking great.


Hi @Haeldaur,

Yah the Lamb and spicy seasonings make it stand out. It’s a bit less gamy than Revolutionario’s version, but still tasty. :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out for the Paris Brest if they have it in stock (it’s in the refrigerated desserts section) (to the right of the pastry case). So good!


Hi @bulavinaka,

Yes, I feel a sense of loss every time I visit Gjusta and don’t order the Prime Rib or Turkey Butcher. :frowning: But then whatever we order instead turns out to be usually just as good in a different way so it works out. :wink: But I still feel like I missed out without a taste of the Prime Rib. :smile:

Did you get to try the Paris Brest yet? (it’s in the refrigerated dessert case.) Delicious!


Hey @Chowseeker1999, no I haven’t - I might have seen it though when I sped by that damned pastry case. “Not lookin’ not lookin’ keep walkin’ keep walkin’” on my last visit…


Went tonight. Had a mix of salads, the merguez sandwich, and the paris brest. The merguez sandwich was good enough but to me didn’t reach the level of Gjusta’s truly great sandwiches. However, the paris brest was fucking amazing. I had one at Petit Trois a month or so ago that was good, but this was significantly better. The cream was light yet decadent, and just the right amount of sweet. I actually ate the whole thing, which should take a few years off my life, but it was worth it.


Hi @Haeldaur,

Nice! Isn’t the Paris Brest so good? :grin:

I promised I’d only take one bite on my first try, and ended up devouring my half immediately. :smile:


Had a great experience at Gjusta on Sunday. Had gone to gjlenlina previously and had terrible service and mediocre food, so I’ve been really hesitant to go to a restaurant owned by the same ownership group. However, the encouraging reviews from this board really piqued my interest.

The sardine toast, salads, salmon belly on bialy, and house cured ham with mostarda were all mostly delicious. I would agree with lot of posters that a lot of the food runs quite a bit on the salty side, also the asparagus salad with bottarga was a bit off (didn’t taste any bottarga, just tasted like asparagus with olive oil). I would say I really enjoyed their breads; the baguette, bialy, and their country bread were better than any of the breads I’ve had at Lodge, seemed to have the same crunch and slight browning without the burnt bread char that lodge offers.

Lines and the ordering system were out of control, but the guy who took are order was really cool and very patient with explaining the dishes and answering our questions. Additionally, the wait for some of the prepared dishes took a long time but the staff were all pleasant which made up for that. Can’t imagine what the crowd is like during a peak lunch/brunch time.

Glad I gave this restaurant group another try will definitely go again!


To the extent you can, I’d very much advise getting there during the week, especially post-work. Much more chill vibe, lines are reasonable, etc.


Yeah I don’t live in the area and I probably would never go solo so that’s probably not gonna happen…