Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta



Yah, I know it’s such a “pain” to go back to Gjusta yet again. :wink: But definitely try the Paris Brest when you can. :slight_smile:


Me as well, so I too (mistakenly, it appears) skipped the Porchetta Butcher. Must rectify that.


Don’t forget to get an “appetizer” of the Prime Rib Butcher to go along with the Porchetta Butcher. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I will second the Croque Madame at Gjusta. Expertly done and each component is great all by itself.
I usually get a bialy with smoked fish if I’m there for breakfast, but I never feel like I’m missing out when ordering the Croque Madame.


I waited one hour the last time I went to Gjusta (Memorial Day; 40 minutes for my number to be called and 20 minutes after for the food). Had the falafel sandwich and a small fish plate. Worth it!


I just returned myself. I should’ve known better than to go on Sunday way after opening. 20 minutes until my number was called. Almost an hour for my order to be done. Four sandwiches and two salads from the case.


And no smoked fish. None.


Hi @bulavinaka,

Wow, totally sold out of their Smoked Fish case? :open_mouth: Crazy. Must be because kids are out of school and everyone’s celebrating? :slight_smile:


I forgot to ask why the case was completely empty (just wanted out of the place) but it seems kind of suspect that the whole case was empty except for serving boards with nothing on them. Just wierd - don’t ever recall seeing this.


Maybe the refrigeration wasn’t working properly and they didn’t want to ruin their fish. Or poison their customers. Either which.


Could be - nice thinking.


Or “poisson” them, for that matter.



Not sure what I was thinking, going to Gjusta for lunch on a day when I told myself I was taking a break from carbs … I also wasn’t in the mood for a big plate of meat, and I don’t eat fish, so I went with a three salad sampler. Spinach with goat cheese and pine nuts; baby squashes (what do you call those?) with shallots and a few other things; and eggplant with miso, raisins and peppers. All with distinct flavors and textures, and all really good.


Photo didn’t attach the first time!


How much was the 3 salad sampler btw? that looks good!


$12 I think? It’s the large salad option, and then you can choose up three different ones.


Couple of items from Gjusta to report. First was the lasagna, which I’d never tried there before. It was quite delicious, with pork, beef, cheddar and green beans of all things. The meat was chunky instead of ground, almost like a stew. And the soft green beans melded perfectly with the cheese and sauce.

The other was the porchetta butcher, which proved a solid choice for plane food as before. One thing I’ve noticed is the thickness of the pork varies quite a bit between sandwiches. This was on the thicker side, but I think I prefer it sliced more thinly.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Wow, they added Lasagna to the menu?! :open_mouth: In their Deli Case? Or permanent menu? Thanks!


Deli case. Totally worth a try if they have it. Some of the best lasagna I’ve had in some time.