And Now, A Few Words from KevinEats


You guys do realize that @kevinEats is, um, a member of FTC, right?


There’s also the realization that usage of the words “urinal cake-like” by any author in any food writing must be addressed by the local peanut gallery as well.


I did not know this, but if so, I say:

Dear @kevinEats, I enjoy your food photo skills very much. I also admire your willingness to try all manner of crazy mixologist concoctions. :slight_smile:


I have heard tell of that but he never admits to it, either here or on the blog.
a) So what? If he blogs, he has to expect others to comment on his blog. One would hope he can take a joke and accept some constructive criticism of his (appalling but improving, IMHO) prose.

b) Why does he need you to stick up for him. MYOB, I say. We are having some fun, making some valid points (all in the service of food, food writing and restaurants in LA) and – I for one – don’t need or appreciate your policing on behalf of KE.


I really don’t think @ipsedixit 's intention was to stick up for anyone or anything. I felt like it was more informational purposes.


very urinal cake forward.


Just to be clear, I agree that one cannot really tell what the intention/purpose of @ipsedixit is by the above. My comments refer to the above AND other interactions I have had regarding this issue where the intent, most definitely, was to censor KE criticism.


He gonna be soooo pissed.


Waiting to see how deep into the toilet this dude reaches after a Taiwan visit to a stinky tofu factory.


I’m all for honest reviewers who don’t pull their punches.

I’ve never smelled urinal cake in a beer, and hope not to, but one time when we were sharing a 750 of aged Russian River Sanctification, one of my friends said, “Wow, this smells like vomit. [long pause] In a good way!”