Andouille - need advice, dos and don’ts


If you can, give Little Jewel a call before you go. Sometimes they are sold out.


Gosh, I bring food back from trips regularly. When we go to NYC we bring back two or three DOZEN bagels!


Fabriques Delices specialty is knowing how to profit off being the only game in town.

I don’t know if those Hanford cowpunchers should be more ashamed of the garbage they put on the market or the prices they charge for it.


I’m 71 and say “eff it” when it comes to NY bagels :slight_smile: If you were sick I can see your reluctance. If it’s something you REALLY want, you could keep it chilled until you’re ready to go through security. Hmm, I just had a thought. Post-security do vendors sell drinks with ice? But yeah I sure see your point.


Jody Maroni’s used to keep packs of the best toulouse garlic sausages in the freezer at their Venice location but haven’t for a while. You might want to give one of their other outlets a call.


Better to just FedEx it


Cheaper to carry it.


I had a really good meatball sub there. Venison and pork.