Angler (Saison) - Beverly Center


saison’s uni liquid toast will be on the menu


The LA mall food arms race is crazy. What’s also crazy is having to deal with mall traffic to eat at these joints.


I wonder might they ever bring decent food to the Grove. The closed in Beverly Center seems anarchonistic and claustrophobic. Are the restaurants on the top floor where the movie theaters used to be?


This sounds good in theory, but… I don’t truly know how Skenes’ cooking is supposed to translate to a 100-seat mall food restaurant.

The entire reason that Saison is so remarkably great is his obsession with ingredients turned into magical, simple bites of pure gustatory bliss.

Is a place in a mall cranking out dishes rapidly a la carte to 100 people at a time going to be obsessing over the ingredients and cooking processes the way the Saison kitchen does?

It sounds amazing on paper – the idea of being able to eat liquid uni toast and ember-roasted elk t-bones is obviously immensely enticing to one’s culinary imagination – but it seems like it could easily be an absolute disaster in execution…


Dominique Ansel just opened in the old Morsels space. There are a few good places in the farmers market -
Monsieur Marcel, Fritzi, Huntington Meats, Bob’s Donuts, Ulysses Voyage and Loteria Grill are solid spots


The food will end up like Keller, and Mina, even at the Mother Ship location after this.


Noooooooooo :frowning:


I just checked out Dominque Ansel’s menu online and nothing looked very appealing to me, and it is expensive. Maybe it tastes better than it sounds. The wine menu isn’t too exciting either. Just kind of sounds like a bland, middle brow restaurant. Oh well, who wants to deal with Grove parking anyway.

Perhaps anyone who’s been will comment.


Dinner was a big meh