Angler - The Embarcadero


i think it’s worth a visit, i would avoid the rabbit and sea urchin.


the Website shows that it might be opening one up in LA?


Yep, unfortunately opening in the beverly center.


…and pretty.


if you missed bauer…


Nice article. Did you know “A Plate of Ripe Fruit” is on the dessert menu? I love California. :slight_smile:


NYT review today


Also hit up Angler during our recent trip.

Had to sample the cocktails after all the accolades - here is the Don Lockwood


Raw oysters - Pacific Gold, Beau Soleil, and Shigoku; as usual, you guys were right, and the Shigoku were the best - plump with just enough brininess

Sesame bread from Tartine bakery - outstanding!

Simple salad - bright, fresh greens with a subtle dressing that was just acidic and salty enough to bring out the flavors of the veggies

Sweet chicory Caesar - I always love ordering well-executed Caesar salad variants

Raw scallop with some minced(?) apples

We couldn’t decide between the petrale sole and the pasture raised chicken so ordered both! I liked this, but you really needed to keep pouring the sauce over the meat to enhance the flavor (and perhaps that’s the point). The grilled skin had a really nice texture, with charred, earthy, and oily flavors.

Embered beet - they roast the beet for several hours and let it dry out while the juices drip out, and then at the end, they infuse the juices back into the beet to “restore” it. We should have asked them more about the details, but the dish was rich and utterly satisfying - it reminded me a bit of the best BBQ pulled pork. I thought this was the best dish of the night.

Pasture raised chicken - Peking duck style; the skin was not as decadent as your usual Peking duck - it was less crispy/fatty and slightly chewier. The entire chicken had been brined, so even the breast pieces were extremely juicy. My dining partner thought this dish was a bit too salty, but I really liked it. Was my second favorite dish of the night.

Angler potato - I did not enjoy this as much as the rest of you. I did not find the skin to be as crispy and decadent as advertised, and the insides tasted like an undercooked baked potato.

We liked our meal here - the restaurant feels like a game lodge, as has been mentioned before, and the service is detailed and attentive but relaxed. Couple things though - the price does creep up on you, and I had read a Yelp review (I know, I know) comparing this place to Asador Extebarri in Spain, and that probably made my expectations a bit unrealistic going into the meal.


Reminiscent of Saison’s “fire in the sky” Bull’s-blood beet which was smoked to dehydrate for a few days and then reconstituted with bone marrow, among other things (once had it with pickled rose and peach vinegar…paired with a very racy Kabinett, f’ing outstanding).

The Angler “embered tomato” a few months back was excellent, and it, too, was very reminiscent of BBQ. The way they coax out vegetables’ flavor with a judicious use of the live fire/smoke results in very concentrated and savory flavors.


This foodie I know said he ordered the most expensive dishes and then as he saw the vegetables going by realized he’d made a mistake.