Angry Males in Eater's Comments Sections


The comment sections automatically time out eventually and must be manually reset. We try to be good about catching them and reopening them every time we update a map, but it’s something I’ll try to keep my eye on more moving forward.


If there is any valuable discussion to be had on a topic, it usually happens here.

i.e. The Eater post will be linked in a post and discussion will flow from there.


It seems like there is one there especially who chimes in on every article and more often than not has a superior tone and seems to shut down discussions quickly with his replies.

I post under a different handle there and only infrequently. I don’t even bother engaging. The few times I comment, I usually state some clarifying info and move on.

I skim Eater comments on the off chance that there is some useful info, usually not too hard since there’s usually no more than one or two comments. But by and large, the comments are useless and not encouraging of a discussion.


Because angry white men are the majority in leadership positions in the type of restaurants that eater covers (although I know they make some effort to highlight diversity). Those men are threatened by their decrease in power. Furthermore sexual harassment has been systematic across the board in food and many don’t want that to change.


Industry types might comment on stories about their own restaurants, but I don’t think most have time to read many other stories, let alone comment on them.