Any Good Lowfat cheeses?


On one hand, scientists spend years conducting those epidemiological studies and oversee the journals that publish them. On the other, some anonymous person on the Internet says clinical trials are the only real science, and the publications of the Harvard School for Publilc Health are no better than the fad diet sites that tell you sugar or gluten or cooked food are poison.


So you don’t have any arguments anymore and as your last resort you dismiss something which is often described in scientific literature. How about you start reading some of those literature. As a starting point and easily accessable (and more popular science but still deeply founded in science (and one might disagree about some of their recipes but Myhrvold is a scientist) you could start reading the chapters about this topic in Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Bread where they rip apart epidemiological studies and their problems and show many case studies with data where many of the rules based on them which turned out to be completely false and had to be abandoned.


I’ve been following nutritional literature since I was a teenager and had to go to the local university library and read it in hard copy. I’m used to being decades ahead of the curve and having most of my educated guesses confirmed eventually. For example, I stopped eating partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in the mid-70s. I came up with “don’t buy anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food” decades before Michael Pollan published it, by which time he had to say “great-grandmother.”

Which of Nathan Myhrvold’s books covers the best way to suck eggs?


Decades ahead of the curve… - yes that’s more than obvious from your replies so far


I ended up making a veggie lasagna. IT was delicious. Low fat mozzarella and ricotta. No noodles, veggies only. Too watery tho and yes, I did pre-cook the veggies. I guess not long enough.


For the life of me I can’t picture a lasagna with noodles. Isn’t that a vegetable casserole with cheese?

I’ve never found her Green Lasagna recipe on line but the only cheese in it is grated Parm. Her Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking is likely any library and you could copy the MANY pages. Best lasagna ever in my opinion.


Lasagne are the noodles, so if you leave those out you might call it verdure all’pizzaiolo.


Oops, should have written withOUT! Thanks, robert.


The only cheese in Marcella Hazan’s lasagne verdi is 2/3 cup Reggiano, but it has three cups of bechamel. Great dish, but also one of the reasons they call Bologna La Grassa.


I love that.

It’s one of THE very best things I’ve ever made. Many times. I make the Bolognese sauce in HUGE batches and freeze. But with Bob working with me, it still seems to take forever. But so, so delish.


What type of cheese does it taste like? Cheddar? What do you put it on? I’ve been seeing this around and was going to try it. It’s interesting but most stores don’t have ANY low-fat cheeses.


It’s similar to cheddar.


Yes, most similar to a mild white cheddar. It’s more crumbly (like the full fat version) as opposed to rubbery like many low fat cheeses. So I’m happy to eat it as is with crackers. Also melts pretty well for omelettes, burgers, etc.