Any suggestions for good full menu Vietnamese?


I was not impressed with OC and lau. Very typical hot pot (basically a canh chua base IIRC), razor clams gritty as hell. Looked pretty and tasted good though, except for the grit.

Mom and dad love it though and have been several times.

Feels very Vietnam


Its downstairs in the strip mall on the north side.


We love Saigon dish for sure, they have a wider menu, even bahn hoi which is harder to find, even in OC. However the level of the dishes and cooking is strictly on the economy scale. They are also missing much of the casserole dishes that make places like Brodard more definitive of the cuisine.



It’s a little west of there at Granville…it took over the old Pho 99 spot.

Been there a couple times now. I really enjoy it and prefer it to Nongla. Pho was good enough and the vermicelli dishes are quite substantial. Really like the grilled pork and the spring rolls.


3rd visit yesterday best so far.

menu is definitely too big but none of the dishes we got had execution issues…

rolls are obviously mandatory (pork and shrimp here)… went a bit too crazy on the chilis… was craving the heat… wooo that was exciting.

my girl doesn’t ever want to skip ordering a jackfruit salad and this one was so fun… tons of crawfish and herbs

their crepe- Bahn Xeo was nice and crispy, light and fun to eat

had to get something we’d know our kid would eat and the seafood rice clay pot was so good that I ate most of it… that rice was ridiculously good

this for dinner only 5 hours after The India Restaurant buffet was a bit much but 2 hours out on a whale watching boat got our appetites going

i just want to shout out my respect for Vietnamese cuisine being the only one i’ve had extensively that offers heaps of herbs to munch on… so fun to customize bites… Armenians have a pile of herbs at every tables so this was always a big part of my love of Vietnamese


Had dinner recently at the District and it was pretty good. Nice ambiance and full bar.


Christmas party was there and was super fun. Food was wack but it was the big format catered food that isn’t any kind of representation of dinner food.


Its owned by one of the sisters from Crustacean Beverly Hills (which I dont care for - other than their fist tanks). I thought District was better and the setting is very nice.


I went to a b-day party there last spring and after hearing mixed reviews over the years, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Drinks were decent and the food was better than I expected it to be. I thought it was a pretty good option for a casual, fun party.


That looks really good. I am never in Garden Grove, but maybe we’ll make an excursion.


Mai’s Kitchen in Westminster.

The family meals.

Vegetable dish.
Protein dish.
Bowl of rice.



Or Broddard Chateau if you want full bar.


What place is this?


Brodard Chateau


New Brodard location in Fountain Valley across Mile Square

Which should mean shorter wait at Garden Grove


@JeetKuneBao I thought that the new location was going to replace the old location? But I could have read incorrectly.


I was at the same plaza this past Sunday morning and the restaurant was almost full but not a cluster at the waiting area


I Googled Vien Doen in Orange County, CA and found out that the place has been closed since 2016.


I’ll have to disagree with a lot of this assessment; the Chateau definitely offers more fusion-y dishes in addition to more Westernized/accessible fare like the Chilean sea bass baked in parchment, rack of lamb and clam fesci, whereas the Brodard off Westminster offers more traditional Vietnamese fare like various bun, banh kot, bun bo hue and banh canh, which you probably won’t find on the regular menu at the Chateau.

The gap in ambiance between the two restaurants actually isn’t all that remarkable, though I’d agree the Chateau is markedly more upscale with dimmer lighting and a propensity toward heavier wood furniture, the regular Brodard isn’t a typical Little Saigon restaurant by any stretch following the remodel (though prior to the remodel the place was pretty unseemly).