APL Restaurant


Now taking reservations. Can’t wait to try the fucking fries.


burrata, stonefruit, acacia honey
Sadly this was the highlight of the night. the barely in season peaches weren’t bad and the burrata was good.

felony knife
sharper than a lego you just stepped on with your bare feet.

signature apl short rib, pickle salad
I must have gotten the ribs of an anorexic cow; how they made a fatty cut like this into a dry, insipid hunk of meat is beyond me. It tasted like a bland, smokeless, lean brisket, that needed some bbq sauce. Nothing like the fatty, juicy, silky ribs that you get at majordomo or even at events where APL is serving the ribs himself. I’m hoping this was an opening-weekend anomaly, but at this price point i won’t be returning until i hear positive reports. Yes, sergio was in the kitchen.

cold sweet onions
recipe here

not a toto

The space was very dark and corporate, it felt like i was dining at an upscale corner bakery or maggiano’s. Service was friendly but over-attentive, runners were literally standing over my shoulder while I ate.


I’m looking forward to it also. We should do a meet up where we all go see School of Rock at the Pantages, then have a post-theatre meal at APL. How fun would that be?



Duck fat fries?

Also of interest is their steak knife for sale: the “‘felony’ knife” for $950.01.

First order: iceberg salad, ribeye, and dat Fucking fries with some bearnaise sauce.


been waiting for this one


He put the APL knife on the menu so if people try to steal it, he will charge $950.01. it’s to discourage people from stealing it

i would love to buy one but not at that price.


How similar do you think the Momofuku and APL short ribs are going to be? The sides and accoutrements will obviously be different but will be meat be very similar based on their collaboration at Momofuku?


I guess I’ll be breaking my vow never to go back to that repulsive corner. At least it’s really close to the Metro.


Holey moley! SEVENTEEN DOLLARS for tomato, lettuce and creme fraiche? Does any of that vibrate?!? :slight_smile:


The Majordomo short rib uses David Chang’s mom’s marinade. I think APL’s will be more of a traditional American type seasoning and smoking process? Not sure though


The salad prices seem out of line with the sides, but I guess they’re factoring in turn time.


I noticed that also.


I thought APL was going to be more 'cue centric. Looks just like another steakhouse :roll_eyes:


The pictures of the short rib on Matt Kang and Phil Rosenthal IG feed are drool worthy.


It’s more like classic Texas BBQ


I can attest it’s damn good.


hmmm…cant seem to find the pics of the APL short rib on their IG feeds


Sorry its in their stories.


Got it, thanks!


NPR did a piece on APL - more on his knives than his food, but still kind of interesting.



How does it compare to majordomo’s?