APL Restaurant


I see that. The menu that we listed on Eater still says beefsteak tomatoes.


They couldn’t source beefsteak tomatoes.


Were you then charged $10 for the dish?


I got an email from their publicist, they couldn’t find tomatoes that were good enough and neglected to reprice the dish.

So it was just an opening-night screwup. If they charged @PorkyBelly $10, I expect they’ll be happy to refund it.




Costco Business Center in Hawthorne. It’s hit or miss as far as inventory goes.


Lol so let me get this straight. They didn’t have 50% of the dish yet they still charged the full price and didn’t think it looked ridiculous serving it.


It’s very difficult to source good quality tomatoes in California, obviously…

Re: omitting ingredients, my question is how can anyone at the pass look at that bare plate of onions going out of the kitchen and say to themselves, “yep, that’s ready to serve.”

No tomatoes in the onions and tomatoes side? (I’m not sure I follow - the menu lists $10 for raw onions only, which itself is kind of ridiculous imo…). No duck fat in their “Fucking” fries (clearly duck fat is the name of the game here), their Signature ribs have mixed reviews…what’s going on here? Maybe they need to have delayed the opening a bit? I have no problem paying high prices for great food but the kind of errors being made here are disconcerting.

Will wait this one out until consistently positive reviews. I feel like a high end steakhouse of all places should be on fucking point, almost no excuses when it comes to something like this.


May - September it’s probably pretty easy, no?

The side is listed as just onions


hashtag onion gate or is it tomato gate?


They’re acting like they don’t trust you. :smile: Trust him.


I was being facetious. Of all things, quality produce (and in my experience, tomatoes especially), is not at all hard to source in California. We’re not talking about an ultra rare or ultra seasonal item.

Right, that’s what I see, too - just onions for $10, no mention of tomatoes.

So it’s either: bare onions on a plate for $10 OR supposedly tomatoes and onions for $10 but they neglected to include the tomatoes and didn’t adjust the price down.

But looking at those onions, this is almost a Fig On a Plate…


Beefsteak tomatoes aren’t in season until later in the year. They could get mediocre ones from mediocre producers, but farm-to-table sourcing seems to be important to Lang. Having lived in California for five years he should really know that, but it’s virtually impossible not to have things go wrong when a restaurant first opens.


They didn’t have tomatoes.

They didn’t change the price or 86 the dish (which I can tell you from personal experience is not necessarily easy the first night of service with a new and glitchy computer system).

If you’re not willing to raise questions with a manager about apparent screwups, you should not go to new restaurants until they’ve been open a few weeks.


They apparently neglected to change the price, but they did make up that silly description for the onions on the menu change. lol


Maybe, but if that’s the case, I’m staying away from openings. I stand by my comments. @PorkyBelly’s meal and experience seemed weird. Especially for what restaurants in L.A. charge for meals by chefs everyone celebrates and fawns over. Case in point, they can afford a publicist.


Unless the menu image posted above is wrong, it just lists Cold Sweet Onions for $10. No mention of tomatoes.

Yet, there is an apology for the publicist for the omission of tomatoes…

So, one looking at the Onions side order wouldn’t necessarily expect tomatoes, at least not from a literal reading of the menu. The issue isn’t that they charge $10 for an onion side dish, the issue is charging $10 for those onions, unless they’re somehow deceptively amazing yet unphotogenic. I would hope they are amazing somehow or this is basically a “Fig on a Plate.”

At the end of the day, my question is still who in the kitchen looks at that plate of onions about to served and says, “yep that’s good to go.”

Perhaps it’s unrealistic, but I maintain that a high end steakhouse of all places should be pretty damn on point when it comes to simple things like this. It’s beefsteak tomatoes, not keiji salmon.


What the hell am I supposed to say? Excuse me but your “cold sweet onions” don’t have any tomatoes. I didn’t even know it was supposed to come with tomatoes in the first place.


Hey what’s the corkage there if you want to BYOO (Bring Your Own Onion)?

(49% of my brain wants to cancel my upcoming APL rezzie, and the other 51% is intrigued)


10 dollars per half onion