APL Restaurant


“Excuse me, ten bucks for less than one slice of onion? Please take it back and ask the chef what’s going on here.”


I’m afraid it’s the new cruelty, sir.


It didn’t just appear on the table, the kitchen sent it out and at least 2 people thought it was ready to serve.

Their response to such a question: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”. I kid…


Go! This should be fun. Plus it seems like they’ve improved. Especially after the tongue lashing from this thread.


Does anyone except the upper 0.01% of dining-out literati even know about our little (jewel of a) site?


So far we’ve had 108 posts, four about meals there, three of them positive, and around 50 posts about their absurd mistake in charging $10 for a little bit of raw onion on opening night.

If you’ve never opened a restaurant, it might be hard to imagine how such a ridiculous chain of errors could happen, but it’s par for the course.


Ask @robert. Did the publicist who contacted him read the thread?


As of a few days ago, everyone who works at APL.

For certain searches, FTC comes up at the top of Google verbatim results, so random people look at it. We had almost 100K anonymous page views last month.


It’s not just that. That skimpy peach dish with the overly toasted bread, and what’s up with pushing the expensive knife? Just odd. @PorkyBelly is not known for being a jerk, so…


But 16 of those posts were from you.
And in all 16 you blame the consumer for the raw deal.
Your contribution in this thread is hardly of interest.


They’re not pushing the knife, just trying to discourage theft. The price is $950 because that’s the California threshold for a felony.

Putting peaches on the menu this time of year is as big a mistake as beefsteak tomatoes. Right now they should be serving fennel, peas, favas, beets, kumquats, and strawberries.


See? There’s my Farmers Market, CSA, Irregular Vegetable seeking guy!

Okay, I get it. But still seems a little too fussy for my taste. Let’s not forget the hovering staff. I’ve had that experience and it was as un-fun as when they don’t check on you at all.

Okay, I’ll behave now (or try to). It is someone’s business we’re talking about.




Yet not even a single apology for their screw up.


I know a good lawyer …


But the menu just says onions, nothing about tomatoes.


49% of my brain wants to cancel my upcoming APL rezzie, and the other 51% is intrigued)

Like if you want @J_L to go.


It was supposed to be tomatoes and onions like the Peter Luger dish. Lord knows how they pulled half a dish but Lang certainly never intended to charge $10 for a couple of slices of onion.

This stupid fucking thread is worthy of Chowhound. It was a ridiculous opening night mistake. Everything one could say about it has been said five times.


It is funny, though. :slight_smile:


IIRC if it weren’t for @robert we would still be cringing at the pathetic wreck of what Chowhounds has become. I could quote the immortal words of Rodney King, but instead let me just request that there are so many here that I have learned so much from please let us retain some respect for one another.