April 2017 Weekend Rundown


Visiting friend in Fountain Valley…

Tio Flaco Tacos.
Tortillas made per order, mesquite grilled asada. Corn or flour tortillas. Taco, mulita, or quesdilla. Solid, not as good as Tire Shop or Los Poblanos/Salon Shop. Tortillas are a little thin not rustic like the aforementioned.
Still damn good, would love it if I was in the neighborhood.

Oh and they have on fountain…ORANGE BANG!!!

Friends GF has never had ramen. Hit up Shin Sen Gumi. Last time I was here was over 7 years ago! This locations broth was completely bland and watery. $60 mistake. A package of Shin Raymun with egg and random ingredients would have been more tasty. Should have went to Kitakata.


Fuji Buffet & Grill Glendale. $12.99 AYCE Lunch Buffet and it was actually good!


Main problem with that place is the absolutely pathetic salsa… also, I think they said only their corn tortillas are made fresh, not the flour.


True the salsa was on the weak side.


Had a solid lunch at Connie & Ted’s today. Rhode island clam chowder (very good), grilled calamari (good but one note), and then the blondie (freakin awesome). Lunch ran about 35 a person–a little high for a meal where the best thing was a blondie with ice cream.


Hotaru Ika (firefly squid) tempura and tamagoyaki at Inaba in Torrance. So fing good.


Last day with my guest from Osaka and she wanted to try Mexican seafood. First thought, and a good one, lunch at Coni’Seafood. Shrimp ceviche and snook. The shrimp in the ceviche tasted sweet and fresh. The snook as good as ever, and those salty sautéed onions are so dang addictive. Delicious. Love their chips served with spicy salsa verde as well.


I’m sure the PZ was a hit with your guest. What was your friend’s take on the ceviche?


Hi @thechez5,

Yah, Inaba is so good! :slight_smile: How did you manage to only order 1 item from their amazing tempura bar on this visit?! :smile:


To be fair that Blondie is a perfect 5/7 dessert. I almost got one at the end of happy hour on Friday but had to go to second dinner at Raku.


She liked the shrimp ceviche (she told me her favorite sushi is shrimp), but commented that it was a little spicy for her.


It is. I’m addicted to their potato salad that comes with their teriyaki and misoyaki chicken dishes, so I get take out a couple of times a week.

We ordered other stuff but were sitting at the tempura bar and everyone was so close together that I felt awkward taking too many photos. :grin:


I’m sure you’ve noticed that Japanese have gotten a little more daring on spice levels. But compared to other Asian countries, they’re still pretty timid.


Wexler’s GCM Easter Morning. Nice.


a Jew cooks an Easter Ham…Nice


Nice! And if by chance the tribe ever changes their minds, you’ll be their prophet.


Happy Easter

J Zhou

Salt and pepper chicken knees, always great

Fried shrimp and pork bun in clay pot, tasted great after if cooled down, I seared the inside of my mouth

Shrimp noodle, new item and I really enjoyed this

Spicy shrimp wonton, not that spicy

Enoki mushroom dumpling

Bang banged with Sidecar Doughnuts

101 Noodle Express

Beef roll, smaller than before but still significant, great chew, a little too sweet but still great, love the tendon inside

Dan dan w/ hand torn noodle, really nice with chili oil/paste

Lamb dumplings


Dodger Dog. Easter at Chavez Ravine, cuz we’re heathens like that.


More Verlaine garbage from our friends at Eater and Bill Esparza (JGold’s best BFF)


Verlaine’s “food” was so bad, it was easily one of the worst meals we’ve had in the last 3 - 4 years easily (along with Bone Kettle). :frowning: And we went there so excited to try it.