Art & Fish (Warehouse District): A Pictorial Essay


Whenever I visit Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, and see all those great places to eat on site, I always entertain a recurring thought: Why can’t we have something like this in L.A.?

Well, seafood wholesaler California Fish, located in the Warehouse District, has done just that.

Art & Fish is open for lunch only, from 11AM-2PM on weekdays (but fear not, for dinner service is coming soon, says one of the employees). The place is not particularly fancy: Just a takeout counter, some tables and chairs. The menu is neither ornate nor gargantuan, but the items all feature really nice, fresh ingredients from the sea.

And one of the best things about Art & Fish is that it offers that rarest of rare commodities in L.A.: A free parking lot (!)

No obvious signage (of course)…

Plenty of (self) seating…

Whole fish also for sale here (from the display case)…

Lunch is served!

Amuse: Japanese imported yuba with momotaro tomato & pepper… Insalata Caprese, J-town style.

Art & Fish Yuba Roll: Ikura, maguro, tai, salmon, negitoro, yuba soy paper, egg, ooba (big leaf shiso), daikon, takuan, sushi meshi… Delectable.

Jewel Chirashi: Uni, ikura, maguro, salmon, tai, negitoro, tamago, edamame, takuan, gari, negi, sesame, wasabi… Excellent, excellent rice. The addition of the edamame is a beautifully homey and casual touch (the owner hails from not-so-austere Hokkaido). One of the top chirashi in all of L.A.!

Dessert: Rose bean mochi… This was a bit disappointing - Though the texture and consistency were good, for some reason the flavor was off here.

Art & Fish is an ideal quick lunch spot, with easy, casual and fresh seafood. I look forward to their dinner service when it starts in the near future.


Art & Fish
564 Mateo St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021


Hi @J_L,

Nice report. :slight_smile: How did the chirashi compare with your beloved Sushi Tsujita? Thanks.


Thanks for the kind words!

Great question (one which, frankly, I expected)…

Different expectations. Whereas the Sushi Tsujita Platinum Bara Chirashi is a “bougie”, or dolled up chirashi of pristine Tokyo proportions, the Art & Fish jewel chirashi is its decidedly more casual (but just as fun and delicious) cousin from Hokkaido.

Furthermore, the Tsujita chirashi comes “pre-sauced” (just grab a spoon/chopstick and dig in), whereas the Art & Fish customer adds whatever amount of shoyu, wasabi s/he deems fit to personal taste.


Thanks @J_L. Can’t wait to try this. :slight_smile:


Please do! Did I mention there was free parking?!


Great pictures (as always). The exterior reminds me of the way the no-name used to be, circa 1975. You had to know where it was to find it. There were warehouse doors on the back where boats would offload the fish. Now they take reservations and have a fricking website, Sigh.
This place looks really good! Hate going downtown, but I may have to make a pilgrimage.


I am so going to do this next week.


Fantastic, @J_L!
How much did lunch set you back? No pricing available on their website.


Amuse was on the house for all guests.
Each piece of nigiri was between $3 to $5.
Art&Fish yuba roll (large) was $12, IIRC.
Jewel Chirashi was $25.


For a second I thought you had found a hidden underground fish auction and I got excited. This’ll do though.


Kaisen Bowl $17


Menu. Make sure you view the Specials menu as well.
Not a destination but a fun, casual, easy place for lunch/dinner. They expanded their hours now. Apples and Oranges to Tsujita’s.

Miso and some Nigiri.

Service is very sweet. A very fine place to drop by for lunch or a quick dinner! I enjoyed my visit.

I also hit up Maru Coffee.


Now open later, nice!