Artelice Patisserie (Sawtelle Japantown): A Pictorial Essay


that matcha green tea macaron O_O


The passion fruit chocolate macaron is pretty special too.


Curious about your opinion. I’m a chicken lover and rather enjoyed Tatsu’s broth. I ask because Ramen is my next frontier, especially after @Chowseeker1999’s mouth watering report. I eat a lot of it and know what tastes good to me, just not what is considered the real. Thanks!


Taste is subjective. You may enjoy Tatsu, sure. But it tastes like dishwashing graywater to me. Thus I dub Tatsu with a big, fat Zero.


If you want to try chicken ramen may I suggest Tentenyu and their tori paitan ramen


Okay, got it.


Thanks @aaqjr. I’ll check it out when on that side of town. I mostly dwell east of Robertson (Tatsu Melrose). I get that it’s probably a fast version, but it’s slim pickins’ for ramen in my 'hood. Does the Sawtelle locale even offer chicken?:thinking:


They are well known for their chicken ramen that’s why I recommended them ‘tori’ in japanese means bird (which in this case is chicken) and Paitan refers to the broth (usually thick from gelatine and sometimes cloudy)


You do know that the fantastic E.A.K. Ramen is right in that area, yes?


Ahhh… it’s destination worthy. Great!


I don’t know anything anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But can’t wait! Thanks.


E.A.K.'s takoyaki is :heart:


I just realized I engineered a thread drift on my own thread…

Whatever. Damn the torpedoes. Here is the link to E.A.K. Ramen


What do you get at E.A.K.?




They have more than one kind. But thanks for your helpfulness.


I enjoyed the oh so hot


Thanks Boo. We went today. I’ll put it on a Ramen thread tonight.