At Home and Underground - The Tasty Yakitori and Handmade Udon of Izakaya Rintaro [Thoughts + Pics]


no, ribs.


Could be shoulder blades of some sort, or the mid wing bone section. Either way, very tasty stuff but can get a bit salty. This is where some fruit forward sake shines with this kind of stuff.


That photo is labeled “chicken ribs” but they sure look like wings.

That looks like chicken breast cartilage.



PB, in your opinion, what part of the chicken was that? I’m sure you know your way around a chicken. :wink: Fowl don’t actually have a rib cage, so chicken “ribs” is a puzzle.

Regardless, meat cooked properly on skewers?? Bring it on!!


Chickens have ribs under the breasts. If you bone a breast, you have ribs left over, but there’s little or no meat on them.


i didn’t catch everything the waitress was describing but i suspect it’s the scapula bone. the last picture in this link shows the bone.

and apparently the cut is covered by a patent.


That first link looks like chunks of bone-in breast, and nothing like any of the photos from Rintaro.