Augie’s Montreal Deli plans Valentine’s Day debut in Berkeley


Anyone here had the pop up food? Looks like it is going in just down from Rocket Restaurant Supply. Mouth potentially watering.


I haven’t had it. Sounds good.


I’m going to wait for a weekday lunchtime, to avoid the opening crowds.


Had some at home for dinner. Heated the vacuum-packed meat in boiling water and served with Acme levain toast and red cabbage with leeks and hawayej.

Very reminiscent of corned beef though with a firmer texture due to the smoking. More highly seasoned than most mass-market corned beef: coriander seed, black pepper, I’m pretty sure some whole mustard seed. I tried one bite with Amora Dijon (the only mustard we had around) and it overpowered the meat. Could have been fattier for my taste but it was not too lean. Satisfying stuff.