August 2017 Weekend Rundown


Angry Chicken has some great QPR going! You get a bowl. A small salad (with homemade, super tasty dressing) and a drink for under $10. The Garlic Shrimp bowl is also tasty.



They raised the price recently from $6 for the bowl to $7 LOL! Calling it a bowl is an understatement. They use a big clamshell container, half of it was full of the popcorn chicken and the other half rice. It was a ridiculously large portion for the price. Good filler after the Gus meal.

I thought the chicken was solid quality too.


I’ve never been able to pass up the sausages. Especially the 3 fer deal. When they first opened, it was 3 for $10, it’s currently $13.99, still a good deal. We just take leftovers home and they make for a great sandwich or I go back to my Filipino comfort food zone. A little garlic fried rice, couple of sunny side up eggs and the sausage on the side.


Long Beach Creamery

That Burnt Caramel! One of the best ice cream flavors I ever had!!!

Some damn good water too with orange slices


The rice too! Sometimes Rice Bowl places cheap out on plasticky rice. I like their rice. So funny to see it pop up here. It’s not the most healthiest meal, but it’s easy, quick and GOOD for the neighborhood. :slight_smile:



Finished a breakfast at Paul’s Coffeeshop in Fountain Valley.

Had the Wednesday special of Korean Beef/Bulgogi, Rice, Cucumber Kimchi, and a side of 2 fried eggs! Legit! One of the waitress is Korean and it’s her recipe.



do they offer this for lunch? i usually get the spam and eggs, but they never fry it crispy. i’ve also gotten the chicken fried steak which is HUGE but no flavor. It’s like they make it for old people who want it with "salt on the side"
overall i’ve been disappointed.

anything else good to eat there?


Shhh…it’s chicken and plain rice. Don’t ruin my delusion.

Agree about the rice, even after transporting back to westside, it held up well. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality and care of everything. They made sure to punch holes in the containers so nothing steamed and got soggy. They even give you little containers of pickled jalapenos and sriracha if you want.

It’s not destination and I kind of equate it like Dino’s chicken meal. If you’re passing by in the area and want a good inexpensive filling meal, it’s a great option.


That sounds great! I’ll have to make sure we get in there. Thanks for the heads up!


Guess where this pizza is from:


No idea
Fairly small diameter - like a P. Mozza size - but I don’t think that is a PM pie.


Omg, you totally called it! How funny. :slight_smile:

It was so greasy and salty, and there was no soupy center. I hadn’t been in a couple years, and it was so disappointing.

At the height of tomato season, the caprese salad is a giant hunk of amazing, creamy, luscious (yes, I use that word deliberately) mozzarella, and four peeled, flavorless cherry tomatoes. I took the cheese home to make my own damn caprese. :slight_smile:


malibu seafood


The size - and the distance from the edge of the pie to the “beginning” of the toppings (too much distance, IMHO) - is pathognomonic of a Silvertonian pie.


Uh oh @CiaoBob getting a bit KE on us? Is it too “pizza forward”? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Too bread-forward. “Man (and woman) CAN live mostly by bread alone.”


Aroma Cafe Studio City! Nice Breakfast Burrito! IMG_2580|592x500


Was dat?


Just got it. Never mind.



Great brunch at animal. I’m so glad I was able to get my daily fat and protein in before eating the succulents, kelp, moss, cellophane, raw pea tendrils and raw fungus i was subjected to at vespertine.

chicken liver toast

hamachi tostada, fish sauce vinaigrette, peanut, avocado

tamago scramble, bone marrow sushi rice, Japanese pickles, arare
Loved this, the bone marrow gave the rice a nice rich fattiness, but wasn’t over the top. Thanks for the rec @Chowseeker1999

foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy
Does this dish make my liver look fat? #askingforafriend

boner burger, 420 sauce, jack cheese, poblano, red onion

Heirloom tomato, sweet corn, shiitake, onikasu, maggi ranch

Delicious Decadence - Beast Mode at Animal